Saturday, December 13, 2008


Can someone tell me "Who Said" you need to bake and bake before Christmas eh???? So now you know what I've been up to today LOL,, no more baking said the lady in black LOL...this has been several times now, that I've made kinda the same "really nummy" goodies for Christmas,, Brought the first lot of them to the quilt guild Xmas doing this all over again for my Xmas eve supper (with the hubby's family) and then Xmas supper for my family..yep I'm gonna cook up a storm then I'll have to make a new years resolution (that I never usually do cause well, humm who keeps them LOL)... and diet.... or maybe I should just run on the treadmill, any ways, I have been also shopping, blahh ",,, sure is busy busy downtown and all I wanted to do is go groceries,,,, so I just picked up essentials for now , I'll have to go back and finish this in the middle of week early morning to try to avoid the I started also the mystery quilt clue# 3..... in between the backroads quilt , ok so I have to start to finish something LOL...My head is spinning and its' were sent out to kids in Calgary, and also in Thompson,,, I'll have to figure out how to work the webcam so we can see each other Xmas day... that will be cool... well I'll post few pics and by they way People , we are having snow again here,,,lol,,,looks like winter here , how about where you are,,,let me see ,,,,:) Ciao, Salute, Adios, Nighty nite, Bonsoirs mes amis..........

Myster quilt Clue #3


New fan in living room "NICE" lol

old in box and hubby installing new





Lights, camera, humm action???


click on this link for a little fun puzzle


Hazel said...

I'm with you on this baking stuff it seems I've been doing it for weeks .My son is in Vancouver ,did you know you can also see them and talk on MSN . It's going to seem strange for you not to be with your kids at Christmas I've gotten use to it ,my son was in Taiwan for 6 years before he went out west .I still get a little sad Christmas morning when he's not here .
My son has a lap top he just walks around the his house with it so mom could get a look at his new home .
The new fan looks great .

Joyce said...

I have cut way back on baking for Christmas. I just eat too much of it. DH is not much for sweets so I just end up getting fat. Lol.

MYRA said...

Ha! More BOM sewing for ya hey!?!
My kids were to do the baking here today, but my oven isn't fixed yet...blessing in disguise I think!?! LOL! 8-)
Fan looks great! Tree looks wonderful! Got to get to our's soon...
We are having -43C with the wind-chill today! Last night -50!!!
Happy stitchings and stay warm! 8-)