Sunday, December 21, 2008

Shh,don't tell

LOL,,, shhh, don't tell anyone but I think I have a thing for I just walked around the house and figured this still have one that I really want to finish paintingand put out, they were made (wood work) by D's (Denise)'s dad,,, I have to sit my tush down and paint them ... seriously I love snowpeople do I have a problem???? would like to hear from you as to what Xmas things you like to collect LOL.... had a wonderful few days,,,visited (of course) and got some cleaning done (the truck wouldn't start) lol... I'll be sewing a bit tomorrow just to finish off the Minnesota Backroad quilt (top) then after the holidays I'll try out my new quilt frame... have to play Ciao, Salute, Adios, Nighty Nite, Bonsoir mes amis.....(haven't forgotten my Thompson friend) :-) to all...

Denise's made (thanks)

PS: this left one is made of bricks cool (found at vv's)

other bought


found ones, left ones, I painted (tole paint)


Janice A made, found one


bought one, found one


bought and bough
t .

I made and painted Tole (of folk) painted and my mom's


D's 3 snowpeople (lost one nose will have to make another lol)

and Mom's (on the right side)


Sister Marielle made both(opps mom just gave to me lol)

sorry aka princess


I made from D's one and D's dad made as gift, awe thanks

I just made,cool eh, and I made the deers (cut wood too)


Yoyo trees we made for quilt guild xmas party

want pattern , email me I'll share



Joyce said...

What kind of quilt frame did you get?

MYRA said...

Great holiday decor photos Lise!!! Love it!!! You are very artistic in many ways!!! 8-)
Quilt frame? Did I miss something? What quilt frame? Machine, or hand?

Hazel said...

Love your christmas treasures ,years ago I made the white reindeer a little larger of course for the yard .

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Love all your decorations Lise! I also have a soft spot for snowmen,,,,
What frame did you get??