Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Ok, not sure how everyone else is getting along LOL...I'm sure busy as bees or dancing reindeer's......I"m asking if someone can PINCH ME LOL.... I am having such a great time, I'm thinking this won't last before hummm someone stops my funtastic time I'm having LLOLL...last weekend (saturday) we (my Mom and I) went to a little sewing class, thought I'd bring mom just to have a day together and sew. We made these HUGE oven mitts, was fun day, had to hurry to make it back before snow storm lol... Then on Monday evening, our quilt guild's xmas meeting / supper// fun time... Well, that was a blast... the theme was "twas the night before xmas" so , we all got into our PJ's (or maybe didn't change lol). There was gift exchange, secret sister gifts, then cool thing whomever wanted to participate , we brought in a brown bag with a handmade xmas ornament in it... they were hung in the tree, after we got to open a brown bag (not our own of course) and voila, a keepsake ornament... cool... now this has been tradition here since they started the great fun...Monday, I worked on my quilt , I haven't' finished it yet, putting the blocks in rows.. on Tuesday, we picked up our #3 clue for our Mystery quilt.... awe... and now getting ready for xmas and so on I'm sure everyone is feeling the same (I'm think I'm running a marathon) LOL... oh, I just had to start one thing in the bathroom (taking some old caulking off) but that lead into , well, I changed the flooring...sorry, I had promised nothing til new year, but it looked like looks wayyyy better,,,,oh I also made these really cute napkins, check out this link to it...easy peasy and fun too... thanks to Jennifer for also on her site a video on how to fold them....any hoot,,, I'll sign out for now , need to get going on sewing and more sewing LOL...Ciao, Adios, Salute, Good night, Bonsoirs mes amis...........

PPSS: click on the logo "Charms for Charity Contest" see what fun you just might have with this one.....I'm in ....

Guild President (Debbie Sarafini) and Santa


Denise Roy (xmas party co-ordinator) and me LOL

Few Lady reindeer LOL and entertainer dance deer (Doreen)

(Clair, Danielle, Pierrette)




huge oven mitts lol (good for bbq)

quilt Minnesota Backroads

Finally got the birds in the feeder, took long time before they came

flooring in bathroom
yukkky lol


Joyce said...

That sounds like a fun party. Merry Christmas.

Quilter Going Bananas said...

What great pics, I love your reindeer antlers and red pjs! Glad you had a fun time.

Hazel said...

I love that quilt, the colors are so rich .What a fun party and so many great idea's .I'm going to try those napkins tomorrow .Your new floor is going to be beautiful ,now you need to relax till the New Year .Or better yet come to my house and help me LOL .

MYRA said...

Looks like a great party was had!! Santa needs a fuller beard though... 8-)
Love that quilt!!! Gorgeous!
Back to more house fixings hey? tsk,tsk... 8-)
Happy stitchings...