Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Hello my friends, hehe,, did anyone go BOXING sales....well, I just happened to go to F...Land and boy what I found for little moola... flannel. Also went to W....Mart and found some nice brush plaids for little moola...hehe.......OK so I have a problem , just a little one called: "Addicted to fabric ".,, I re-organized and cleaned my sewing room (once more) and I have a little more area, nice and bright,, we brought Little Gracie to the spare room downstairs and it fits perfectly,, I had put together the stitch regulator but to my chagrin ,,, we had a missing part, so off it goes back to it place and new one has been ordered...Darn, wanted to work on my quilt...oh well, cest la vie...lol... Now I have started to cut some squares for another rag quilt (with the flannel I got), also I will have to try to use up my (just a little big) stash... before I go buy more...humm I'll have to go searching for more quick patterns...lol... I do have a new quilt book by Bonnie over at http://www.quiltville.com/ called Scraps & Shirttails (signed by Bonnie, wow) (check out her website ( http://www.quiltville.blogspot.com/) and also her blog at quiltville's quips & snips) see on my side bar.... well, I'll have to try joining a stash buster site.... anyone have any suggestions...feel free to guide me,,,I also finished my loto block, woohoo, next ...lol...til next blog... Ciao, Adios, Salute, Nighty Nite and Bonsoirs mes amis...

Block Lotto

My great finds lol...plaids and flannels


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MYRA said...

Great fabric finds! Bummer about your missing part for your stitch regulator! You must post a photo of your Little Gracie once you are all set up! 8-)
Great family photos! Bummer that your Christmas did not include your children and grand-children in the full body form, but great on the web-cam!!! 8-)
Happy stitchings, and have a happy and safe new years eve!