Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Boy oh boy, sure is something else to sort and pack and sort and whew, can't believe this. My brain feels like it's fried, umm or scrambled or maybe poached. LOL I ordered a beautiful Nikon Digital SLR camera , using my airmiles last Thursday, received an email today saying it was on it's way, I was excited. We are northern Manitoba, things mailed to us from Ontario usually takes 10 days (from family in sudbury), welllllll, this white van pulled up in the driveway and I saw and said to hubby yippee it's here... and yes folks, it only took 6th days to get it... Now I'm really excited, reading and reading, need to put the program on comp. so I can go through the tutorials and also learning from Denise is great... tomorrow will be hectic but will make every effort to get few minutes to play ....hehe... soooo to picture of it with the fuji digital and will pass this one on to hubby, umm maybe he'll take up some hobby , is the camera. Also went to a good walk tonight with friend Denise, and of course the mosquitoes had a good meal from us, hehe...have to remember to put on bug spray or something any suggestions other than pesticide??? let me know and I'll be more than happy to give it a shot, maybe that email someone sent me , using listerine??I'll smell good hehe.....nite , Ciao, Salute, bonsoir mes amis and Good night John boy,,,,,lol

Ok so I put the cap on backwards heehee
just had to pull it out, need a memory card didn't come with it
that's ok, tomorrow LOL


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