Saturday, July 12, 2008


Ok so it was raining again today, getting pretty gloomy, need to get sunshine even if it's for one day...LOL would prefer more...Isn't this like,,,July???? does anyone know how to get a hold of this Mother Nature to let her (or Him) know what season this is??? If it were only that easy eh!!

So,,, no suggestions yet re: son's jean quilt HUMMM maybe will have to google it... It finally got nice this evening...stopped raining somewhat , sooo went out to venture with my new camera,,, I think I can take basic for now but also need to play around with my photo shop element program , boy,, you would think at my age I'd know everything LOL...I love to learn new thing on how, what, where , when and why'ssss.....and I plan on doing this, well,,, for as long as I'm around to do so..LOL here's a few pictures of flowers and will do better on blogging tomorrow...LOL.......soooo,,,, Ciao, Adios, Salute, Ta ta, Nighty, and Bonsoir mes amis....

....Yellow Dayllies....................Morden roses


Alaskan Daisies.......................Shasta Daisies

click on the pic and see the different centers


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Hazel said...

Pretty Flowers . You sound a whole lot like me .There was a furniture store there in Thompson as my brother and I were looking around I seen this lamp that had something running down some strings right away my brother said don't touch it ,being his older sister of course I did , thinking he didn't see me ,the dirty guy let on like he didn't see me and let me walk around the mall with oil on my face Like yourself I just have to see how everything works LOL .But boy was my face red when I got home and he told me to look in the mirror .