Monday, July 14, 2008

Pins anyone

Well, sorry didn't get blogging yesterday, did however, read lots of bloggers and camera stuff...Was beautiful sunny morning but rained tonight...went for a beautiful walk with Denise and Donna (D's mom) wonderful til it rained on us...thanks to Denise she went and got her car and picked up Donna and I at the was fun even in the rain...LOL.... Yesterday I was to anxious and not sure what to blog about, kidda was on PINs and needles, waiting for answers so I can share the news........ Soooo I now can tell everyone ...HOUSE IS SOLD....soo I'll be a little busy packing and such but will try to blog as much as I can....I'll be looking for something to do while travelling and also staying at my sisters for couple of weeks before moving provinces...closing date is august 1 and need to stay til aug 6 or 7th..... If anyone has any suggestion on what I can keep myself busy with (no not with a machine) LOL ..please feel free to leave me a to hear good ideas......sooo Adios, Ciao, Salute, Night, Bonsoir mes amis...tata til tomorrow...


T3 Mine (Vale Inco) Hubby's work place

underground mechanic/industrial and heavyduty

T1 Mine (main one)

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Hazel said...

Woo Hoo Congratulations ,you must be getting excited and nervous . Do you have a place in Ontario waiting for you or will you find something when you get here ?
How about taking along some red work while you travel .