Friday, July 11, 2008


Well, sorry I didn't blog yesterday, will explain this weekend, anyways, playing with my new Nikon D40 is loads of fun, the things that this camera can do is, well, awesome... read up on some of the features and etc....but too many to take in all at once LOL...Just loaded this tutorial program but need to reinstall, hummmm I guess need to refresh myself on how toosss....Had to drop off hubby at airport last night to go to Winnipeg for follow up re his AVM ( "arterial venus malformation" not sure of the right spelling) , he had gotten this new gamma knife surgery (not actually under a real knife) but very updated stuff man...anyhow he needed to have it checked to make sure it's all gone..etc.......Ok now I have taken pictures of my son's quilt. I have made him a jean quilt one and he won't use it...he says "Mom, I love my old one" please can you patch it up...Oh boy, he's now 27yrs old and still can't part with his fav quilt....My question is ladies, gents, kids, aliens, clowns, people HEHE,,,HELP,,,,how should I patch this, please take a look at the Pictures??? THANKS .......don't be scared to leave some comments......for now,,,adios, Ciao, Bonsoir mes amis, Good night,,,,,,,

Humm, did I say it got torn by the dog running around on Phil's bed HEHE and yep, their is more on the other side.....


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Hazel said...

It looks like this quilt is tied could you undo it and take the quilt apart ,it would be easier to replace the patches that way .Kids my daughter who is 40 came in with a pair of slack to be taken in, I told her Nope I'm not a sewer I only quilt LOL
That looks like some great camera you have there ,enjoy it .