Sunday, July 6, 2008

One more

Beautiful day today, woke up to sunshine, a little breeze and wow, what else could you want...Went for a nice walk with a few great ladies, Denise, Donna and Diana, hummm all D's hehe,,, was a nice time...In between did some cutting and sewing, and yes it was another bag, this bag is a "grab bag" I got this pattern months ago on line at What fun it is to do something I'm also in training mode for this photo program, pretty neat stuff you can do with your ...anyhoot blogging late and here's pics of this grab bag...ttyl...Talk to you later. Ciao, Salute, Bonsoir and nightie nite...LOL Just a short blog for today..

And Voila a "Grab Bag"


1 comment:

Denise said...

You are officially called "bag lady" now.... Nice bags...