Tuesday, July 8, 2008

dear oh dear

Dear oh Dear, busy bee is me..lol,,, just a few notes today... sure was busy and time flew by so quickly it was almost like a blurrrrr LOL..., Trying to get things organized, yep again and more and more...has anyone thought their household was good and organized and well,, thinking nothing of adding to your things.lol... I didn't know how much we accumulated over the years and finding things I forgot we had and I guess we probably shouldn't have bought because never used it...I'm sure I'm not alone....Boy need to remind myself when going shopping to stop and ask if we need it or want it....oh well hubby wants another yard sale end of month and Whew I think we have enough to get rid of and yes I did say not again..hopefully not but well see...LOL SOOOO no sewing today but hoping to get some in tomorrow in between packing again...,... til tomorrow...God night Gracies (hehe) had to say that,,, Ciao, Salute, and of course Nighty nite...

Thanks for listening

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