Saturday, July 5, 2008

2 or more

Alright, I didn't blog last night, went for a nice walk with Denise on the old Burntwood River road, when we got to the end to turn around, the horse flies and mosquitoes were trying to have itchy itchy..Later went to D's place, she was teaching me how to do some neat things on this photo program she has. I have a similar program but not as big as her's and boy can it do a lot of great, neat, wow, things with you photos...anyhow had to play somewhat, with it today and whew, need to go and watch some of the video tutorials on the program...basis stuff for also finished another and also made a cute little baggy thingy but small, was supposed to be a little bigger but, oh well, will find use or someone to give to...LOL... here's some pics and (shhhh) I've found another bag to make many, hum, not sure, they might be gifts or maybe keep one or LOL..... ciao, bonsoir, good night and have fun...


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