Monday, July 7, 2008

1 more??

Well, chilly day, is it July or??? umm, shouldn't complain though, could be worse LOL. Well today was Dave's (hubby) and Phillip's birthday, yep 27 years ago I gave Dave a very expensive gift, a son (3rd child, other 2 are girls) hehe... Dave is now 55 woohoo he's now officially a senior... I'm not moving to his level for quite a few years yet.... Anyways, went for a short visit with another quilting and gardening, creative friend Jan... she has wonderful gardens and her hubby has a beautiful pond.... wow great people.. Wanted to go for a great walk with Denise but thought the weather was lousy, the wind was gusting and was sure that we would get dump (rain) on... We did however had a little celebration for the boys.....Happy Birthday buddies.......Love Me..Oh, ps: made another little bag (thanks to Denise's little give away , pretty fabric) just couldn't resist Thanks again...
Happy Birthday (opps didn't put any fancy decorations sorry)

Pretty fabric


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