Sunday, November 4, 2012


HEHEHE, can't believe I'm posting again.....trying to at least once a week.....well that darn bag isn't lining up as I weave it, I retried three times, not sure what I'm doing wrong but I'll put is aside for a bit, followed that pattern to a "T"..ouch not happy but the bag from hell will have to wait LOLOL... moved onto some smaller projects, made a few tube scarfs which I'll take pic this week to show, also made a sock monkey and when I was done, daughter claimed it and the little guys all want one LOL...guess what I'll be doing..turned out cute for the first one.  We went out to my cousin's Halloween party last night (yep, little late but) we had a blast, posting a picture of myself and hubby along with another of my sister and bros-in-law, our other sister didn't want to go..she lost out on a great evening....Well, not much else to say but I'll be back soon....Ciao, Adios, Salue, Goodnight and Bonsoir mes amies....
 Myself (Lise) and Dave (hubby)
Murray(bros-in-law)and Joanne(sister)
Mr Monkey needs a hat

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