Wednesday, February 23, 2011

STILL HERE I'm still here LOLOL.. hiding and reading everyones blogs...not sure if because I'm feeling blah or blues or whatever you want to call it...I'm just not in gear to blog latetly .... I see a lot of blogs with beautiful, humongis homes with huge sewing rooms and kinda feel that I shouldn't be showing off mine.... but I so love my little house..easy to clean so I have time for more stuff, have a 5th wheel to camp all summer and I choose to downsize so we can do lots more...... so here I am..going to blog and maybe come back and blog more LOLOL.. I have been sewing and organizing the sewing of our in-club quilt and not finished yet...every week there is something that comes up (family stuff) and have to put mine aside ...I don't mind, I love to help out... maybe to much LOLOL... then I have every Monday quilt guild (not used to every week, think they should do less) it's fun but sometimes nothing is happening over there ...I also go 3 times a week to Zumba (see some photos lol) so enjoying this , I've lost 18lbs just dancing away ..I should be more energized ...getting there.. so here are a few pics of some sewing and also some pics of some of my grandkids at "Family Day" weekend..... Ciao, Adios, Salute, Night nite, Bonsoir mes amis..
Oh, let me know if I'm whinning to much and also how are you feeling???? thanks

February tinner (done)

Block lotto for February (done)

Grand boys
both are vibrating on my T-Zone
was too funny...
then they decided to go on
and do the stepper
and of course the twins
Kayden (left) and Kolten (right)


So how can I so No..when she calls for help lol


Anonymous said...

Hi Lise! I feel your pain about blogging...I'd rather be sewing! I am loving the give away I rec'd from you last year. The pincushion sits handy by my iron board, I love the bobbin holder, the foam insert keeps the loose threads from going haywire. The "apron" handtowel got refashioned, hope you don't mind, LOL, I just couldnt bring my self to seeing grubby spots on it, so I cut off the "bodice" and rehemmed into two placemat size table toppers. and finally the Avairy charm pack turned into a beautiful coin quilt! Thank you so much.

Someday I'll post the quilt on my blog. someday. LOL

PS your Grands are sweet!

ButtonMad said...

A lovely and light hearted blog...some great pics of your quilts.