Thursday, July 8, 2010


Wow.. time ... I need more time to get on here and blog... I've been having problems getting on ,,, dum router..thinks need to buy new one... anyhoot.. had our quilt banquet..that went really well... tried to upload pics but I keep getting disconnected because of router I'll keep trying lol.. then we (a few ladies) went to our quilt retreat at the Red Lodge on Manitoulin Island..and between all this.. we've been at the trailer kinda fixing up the lot and making it cozy hope to get my pics on here.. OH,, also met my son in Marathon , he wanted us to keep him company half way to here, he's moved he is settling in, he'll be seeking a new job but he wants to wait til next month Mr camp all summer lol.. loving he time off and sucky mama's boy......they (hubby and son) had their birthday yesterday (yep same date) and we will be celebrating on Saturday in form of a big BBQ..(my mom, sisters, bros in laws, us) should be good...We are also experiencing heat wave and weather network keeps calling for thunder storm but... :( ..only drizzled and made the humidity worse... hope it cools off soon or the air conditioner will be running til then... anyways... I appologize for the lateness and hope tomorrow we get a new router..this sucks... big time... everytime I post and it disconnects, I have to start all over LOL... so ttyl, Ciao, Salute, Night nite, Bonsoir mes amis.. PS.. I love to read all your blogs... yous have been very busy bees... I'll have to kick start myself ...

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