Thursday, February 18, 2010


Wow,,, what a great week woohoo.. I have been watching the Olympics..hope you are sports.. and curling is my fav of all.. love it..GO CANADA GO... I've been a little busy so just wanted too put a little post here to let you know I'm still'll post some pic tomorrow with some of the sewing I've been doing..I also have been washing and ironing my out of control stash..:^( I had to , the closet I painted still the smell of stale smoke, the elderly lady who lived in this house was a very heavy smoker, I'm an ex smoker so that has made it weird.. I really wanted to think I wouldn't be one of those ex but,,,uggg... I have my fabrics in beautiful clear bins and though would be a great idea, but it turns out that the smell got into them and I couldn't figure out how come it that smell was still hanging.. holy cow she said LOL... I didn't realize the stash I have and found some fabric that I love over again...hummm I'll have to start busting and stop buying for a while.... except for some that you really really need to get cause you don't have that special color to add into the project your doing....hope I'm not the only fabriholic doing this ..I actually must have like a few cause I bought like 6 meters of it and wow,,, need to use.... anyhow hope you let me know if your stashing away and not remembering what you have like me hehehehehe... soo Ciao, Salute, Adios, Nighty nite, bonsoirs mes amis

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