Sunday, November 2, 2008

Getting ready

Wow, can't believe how time flies.... these last few weeks have been a blurr,,,I'm going to have to try to slow down to enjoy the days ...Went to a quilt Saturday retreat..we made a table runner, all using the Serge machine.... my choice of fabric sucked LOL... the centre little too light, one of the ladies Gerry (Geraldine) suggested to tea dye it...well, I didn't think of that LOL so now I'll have to try this...we are getting ready to paint again (hehe) did the dining room ceiling and wow, what a difference,,, I was also a smoker but quit 2 years ago, and didn't realize at that time how much it sunk into to paint,,,the previous owner was a heavy smoker and hadn't painted the ceilings in many many years according to few people here,,but anyways, this is a good way to spring clean but in the fall LOL...posting a few before and after and some new furniture pictures, hope you enjoy....Ciao, Salute, Adios, Nighty nite, Bonsoirs mes amis.....

Table runner

ribbon is weaved in the decorative flatlock stitches...really cool


Dining room

before , now with chandelier and furniture (new) not quite all done


painting ceiling ugggg big job , soar neck LOL

I painted the outer circle to show the difference

low bed LOL
some of our new furniture in bedroom
we can sleep 36 inches above floor level , LOLOLO
feel like the queen but need a


Myra said...

That weaving ribbon through your serge stitches is neat!!! I haven't learned how to do that stitch with my serger yet...Just know the basic to put sweat-suits together... 8-(
If your don't like that light fabric you used in the table topper you could always do some applique on it to give it some more interest...Just a thought... 8-)
Your rooms are coming along nicely, and the furniture is lovely!
Watch your neck! 8-)

Joyce said...

I might have to try your table runner. I tried that technique just on a sample but never thought of doing it on a table runner. It must be very fast.
The house is looking good but painting ceilings---yuk!

Hazel said...

I like your table runner .Your rooms are lovely ,you've been working very hard ,don't over do it .

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Things are coming together nicely Lise! I was shocked with the difference in colour on the ceiling!

Painting ceilings are not fun so a bit at a time, right?

Love the view out your sewing room window too....Cheers, QGB