Sunday, October 4, 2009


above is the pictures of: EARLTON, ONTARIO

HEHE,, I'm in aaaweee... so many quilt shows around here.. two weekend in a row ,, now my head is full of ideas and can't seam to find time to do them all at we had a wonderful time ladies. last weekend was the Earlton big International Pull Match and quilt show...phew....and this weekend was the Sudbury Quilting and Stitchery guild's.. "quilt on the rock" Here is a few pics I took but didn't take with my good camera , so some pics are not that great but you can see what it's about , was funny cause we ran into many of our ladies from our guild at the show.. I hope they had a good time like we did.. and tomorrow is our quilt guild gathering and can't wait to visit with all my gals.. they are such great ladies.. Oh, the block lotto is going should have a really good one for Xmas theme... hang on to your seats we're going to sew up a storm.....well a good deal of fun coming your way Ciao, Salute, Adios, Nighty nite.. Bonsoirs mes amis.....woohooo

I'll post more this week for the Sudbury quilt show......

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