Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I am soooo sooooooo sorry for not posting,,, I decided (humm) to paint the closet downstairs... I went to get my jacket to get ready for cold weather (blahh) and wow,,, the smell hit me in the face... it smelt like a musty (basementy) smell,,,I pulled out all the coats, shoes, boots etc... out of there , threw things into the wash and had to clean and paint the closet...holy moly,,, re -organized it and now the smell is much nicer... then I went to quilt on my Gracie and the stitch regular not going (light was on but nobody home LOL) had to make a call and K. the owner of the quilting shop I purchased from made a house call to make sure everything was plugged in (dah as if I didn't do it) anyhoot, long story short,,,I will be receiving one sometime in the near futur .. hope it works lol.... I did however used the manual stitcher and did one quilt... ... Of course I was in the mood for sewing , I went to pull out fabric from my huge closet in sewing room and ,,,yep POW it hit me in the face again (boy, I should be bruised) with the smell of cigarette smoke (as an ex smoker , that was cruel) ... as per hubby, the previous owner (elderly lady) must have sat in that closet and smoked with the door closed..this was the second closet now , I should have done that when we moved in last Oct...(1 year now). ..OH WHY OH WHY,,,. of course I created myself a MONSTER lol... out everything went , painted ,,smell good...but now hummm I re-organized by bins so I can find by color... ,,, lol your probably bored by now reading this, but I decided that wasn't enough so I am now organizing the whole shish ka boodle... the sewing room will also get a paint job this weekend...and hopefully that's it..for now LOL.... here is a few pics of the changes and painting and messes lol.... oh, I have to take a picture of the next block lotto I have put together for our guild for Nov... the top is done but didn't quilt yet..I will put here ... Ciao , Salute, Adios, Nighty Nite, Bonsoirs mes amis....








Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Lol* So glad everything is smelly fresh now! Your quilts are beautiful!

pwl said...


I know how you feel. It's such a pain to "disorganize" stuff for work to be done. But it's oh so worth it in the end.

Joyce said...

Painting is one way to get organized. Too extreme for me though. Lol.

heather said...

Oh Lise, the trouble you can get yourself into.....glad everything is smelling fresher and cleaner....and doesn't the lingering old smoker's smell hit you the strongest? I know it's been a few years for you but I don't think you know it will be one year on Nov 17 for me no t having one.....will never say I quit but just stopped ! Being around those grandbabies is enough motivation not to......#3 expected in May (youngest son's girlfriend)

Hazel said...

What a lot of work, good for you for jumping right in there and doing the painting yourself .