Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Well, I had a great thanksgiving weekend,,, worked hard at getting stuff it's about time LOL....anyhow, I worked on few Halloween things, and one kids quilt , quilted on the gracie II.... and also worked on my little snowman I won..thanks again Linda at Lavender Ridge ... we had a good meal at my mom's...turkey, stuffing, ham etc.. and then had to say "I shouldn't have eaten that" LOL but that's ok...walking to work a little over 3km is burning it off,,, feels good ,, not too hot and not to cold out there,,,just right for walking... (FOR NOW LOL)... I came home today to a little surprise... woohoo,, hubby went to the mail. and brought back a little box... the friendship swap is here... Thank you to Barbara (WA) such a cute bag and she also put in a few little goodies... .....This has been a fun month for me.... thanks to yous all.... well signing off for now... posting few pics... Ciao, Adios, Salute, Nighty nite.Bonsoirs mes amis....


Snowman kit from

Lavender Ridge


Friendship Bag Swap

and goodies..Thanks...

Witch wall hanging


Shh,, one of the boys'

need binding

Minnesota Backroads

on Gracie II

getting done


Hazel said...

Love the witch wall hanging , all your work is great ,Glad you had a good Thanksgiving I'm still trying to recover from all the food I ate .

Kayla Nault said...

did you make all of those? theyre very nice <3 good job lise happy belated thanksgiving