Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I am just sooo excited...This last week and half have been so busy but yet sooo and yes IT'S ABOUT TIME EH?? LOL... well here goes,,, first off, we went to Toronto for a little eye opener hehe,,, I had lasik done to my one eye , yep, one eye,,, the right eye is for distance and left one for close ,,,lol,, I'm not BS'ng you lol... apparently the brain tells it when to change etc... let me tell you I can see far and close ,, vision is 20/25 ,, I'll try this out for a bit and if I can't adjust to the changes , I will then go have the other eye done but more likely need granny glasses..(very slight reading ones) ... while we were in Toronto, I couldn't believe this (posting Pics) I thinks these geese took a wrong turn and well,, voila,, in the middle of TO geese,,maybe they were just checking in...or maybe out... not back just in time for the quilt guild wind up (hum or down)... what a wonderful bunch of lovely, crazy, young, older, mid, oh my goodness,,, can't say enough.... The theme was "strawberry fest" we have a bunch of coconuts, opps I mean berry bright ladies....the food was superb, it was pot luck and what a spread,,so much, now I'll have to stop eating for a month...NOT...LOL.... we exchanged secret sister's gifts and reveals, oh my ,,,surprised surprised,, thank you secret sister Nicole M....what a great lot of gifts...then there was exchange for whomever wanted to participate..well,,, thank you Diane G... so funny cause I had her name all year as secret sister.... lol.....and the block lottery wall hanging was won by no other than, once again Gerry,, she has won 3 times now..ok... want a turn LOL... and the in club quilt was won by Darlene (who is also the chairperson for it),,, THIS IS A GREAT ENDING , BEGINNING (fuddle diddle forgot my camera) . And this week en, with starting tomorrow for me lol (Thursday til Monday) I am going to a quilt retreat on Manitoulin Island at Red Lake Resort... how can anyone ask for more LOL... well don't answer that one, I can just image what you'd say LOL... packing last minute of course...can't decide what fabrics to bring so... just a few hehe.... OH, in between I have also been planting and digging I need to relax and play with the I will sign off here before I don't get all my goodies packed and will report back next Ciao, Adios, Salute, Night nite , Bonsoirs mes bon amis......

PS: would love to hear from old friends in Thompson,,, is D ok??? is she still alive??? is Jan out there LOL..missing her and her gardens... and also Fluffy??? and ....and....and.....

Maxine's crab apple tree
so beautiful, I want one
need to know
what kind???
can anyone tell me please (old variety)

Yes, even robin loves it

smell so sweet,,,,

what is this bush ??? yucky, digging up all the bishop gout BLAH


OK, No reservations, need to camp out LOL


1st hour, hum little bright, and Hubby loves the chair (you think??? lol)

hey email someone please lol


Sunday, May 17, 2009


Wow how time fly's lol... this is now the Long Weekend and we are trying to plant trees , but the wind is so strong , I can't seam to plant my feet on the ground and go to it .lol... the winds for the last few days have been unbelievable..big gusts enough that few cousins lost there canvas etc on the gazebo (shredded) and those portable garage blown into the bush and you can see that's comical (sorry).. our compose bin (staked down) was blown half way in the back of our well we thinks is hurricane season for Ontario (just kidding) ...anyway,,, I am finally done work,,had fun spending on new fabric (will take pics) and also going to have Lasik done this week woohoo..hope the consultation will be a good one ,,, don't want to be turned we are off to Toronto.......I've been working on our Mystery quilt... this is the 3rd clue now, I better get myself in gear before I bind myself to another.... oh, did I tell you all that I ,,,yep, me lol,,, had put my name on long waiting list for this really cool quilt retreat ,, woohoo is what I said when I got a call saying I was IN... unfortunately because some other lady wasn't going (sorry Gerry) because she isn't well,,, I wish her well....Ciao for now, adios til later, Salute all, have a wonderful long weekend (for us Canadians),, Bonsoirs mes amis......





Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Well, where oh where has the little quilter gone LOL... just checking in...and letting you all know I'm still ticking..LOL.. The little get away quilting weekend was a BLAST... 5 women under 1 roof and we all came out binded .....We cannot thank our beautiful hostess enough...again and again..thanks Barb for the great time..... we worked on "no sag bag" just need to finish it off with the binding,, and I'll have pics of it and post (ok so your a little leary, don't blame you, but I will) We sewed and gabbed and played cards, and ate and shopped (yes found a quilt shop) lol... and sew on and sew on LOL.... we also did a little sleeping too, can't forget that back to reality and had to go back to work (evening shift)... now I'm counting down,,, 1 week of work and done , yep's a contract and done May 15,,, boy I wont do that again anytime soon LOL... cuts into my social time .....

So,,,, now in between that , well we are putting in a Low Flush toilet, and that lead into "we might as well change the tub" said ME, holy molly,,, how do I get myself into that kind of thinking HUMMM we had a energy efficient guy come in and do an inspection, regarding all these grants and tax cuts etc...and that commode was part of that $$ back .....and also of course we (I) want to put in veggie garden and flower gardens and trees, shrubs (again holy molly) the lot is empty and I'm sure most of you lovely talented quilters know that it's a so I'm going in circles, thinking I'm so far behind I think I'm in first place...oh well,,, would be boring if I wasnt changing without adieu,,,, posting pics of weekend and will wish all my ladies a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY ...warms wishes , Salute, Ciao, Adios, Nighty nite, and Bonsoirs tous mes amis...

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Yep , I'm still here,,,,just need a few more days and then I'll post the weekend retreat.....SORRY for the wait...need to sort out the pics LOL.....
sew, for today my friends