Sunday, November 30, 2008


Ok, enough, I've been busy doing all kinds of stuff, but haven't finished any quilting,,,... but we have done more renos and I've had enough now for a long while lol... sooo back to my machine I go,,,woohoo,,, I will blog more often, will keep from renovations til, hummm not sure,,,give myself time to enjoy this retirement...I however been following some of my blog friends'ssss (LOL) blogs,,,love to read what's going on outside my bubble :)......a lot of quilters have been really busy making a lot of xmas gifts,,, here I am still working on my Mystery quilt and the other quilt backroads one , so I'll have to put my foot down and gear up and give her heck lol...This has been a bizar winter for us,,, not much snow compared to Thomspon, MB.... but I can get used to this hehe,,, when someone complains its cold, well, I kinda tell them where I lived what that was like.... anyways just to update now and I'm off to the sewing room,,,,and quilting I will do... Adios, Ciao, Salute, Nighty nite, Bonsoirs mes amis...

old kitchen sink (1 1/2 size blah) to new double double and new taps to boot lol

hubby said, he's not a plumber lol , could have fooled me (good job hon)

Old patio door, hummm nice new patio doors (warmer no broken seal in this one)

hubby and his bros in law Paul, thanks boys, good job


OPPS forgot to post grandsons' pic for Halloween (sorry boys)


Friday, November 21, 2008


Wow, what is the time we say??? Well, if I had more that 24hours in a day, I still would have to add even more..I'm sure a lot of other folks wish their was more too...LOL..I can't believe I have finally removed all the pink , yes all pink is I have been doing some sewing in between... sew here I am. (lol)....hopefully back in the swing and hoping to blog more and sew more and more hehe... anyways, I am putting a few pictures up just for now... still need to do some decorating, or finishing touches,,,,I however attended my guild meetings on Monday evenings, and then too boot, we get together on Thursday's (all day woohoo) and I participated in helping to put together cuddle quilts as they call them last Thursday, there were quite a big group of us and accomplished to sew together 5 of them,,, wow,,, then last Saturday I went to a trunk show ( a great quilter here Charlotte) and once again on our Monday meeting (which was Tuesday this time) another trunk show from a lady named did I say Wow,,,, having fun here,,,but oopss sorry forgot to bring my camera and one of the other ladies said she will send if via email.....sooo is anyone else having great time.... I should have blogged earlier but........I also finally went downstairs and was getting ready for exercising ,,yep have to add that in now bought a new ipod nano , downloaded music and ,,,no more excuses,,,,,,but *^*%%& ,,, where did I put the key for the treadmill... I remember when I packed up that I said " humm I'll put the key here for safe keeping" have you ever did something like that LOL,,, well the treadmill won't go without this plastic key (safety thing right)... I spotted a 800# on the treadmill (thank goodnees) called them and they were more than happy to send me 2, yes, I requested 2, and no I wont hide one LOL... so now tomorrow AM...I'm walking and also will go on my new other gaget the TZone vibrating machine..... ok so I overdid ,,, maybe I'll get more energy and give her I also got involved with a group of quilter's to do a mystery quilt through one of the quilt shops in sudbury,,, and now have to make up 36 log cabins before the first Tuesday of Dec,,, then have to bring these in to show I did my homework , to get the next clue,,,what funn.... I'll now just sit back and read other quilt blogs to see what's everyone up to.... sooooo... Adios, Salute, Ciao, Nighty Nite,,, bonsoirs mes amis...

Two projects on the go LOL
left is mystery quilt, right side is the Minnesota Backroads


Ok so we got the white stuff, but southern Ontario got it really bad and we got some the day after LOL and also finished my xmas pj's and they are little big but will shrink them lol


humm basement,,,what to do,,,well not sure yet,,,lol in time , got lots of that lol


Hubby's new entertainment stuff, but not organized yet lol soon we will,, lots of time no hurry since no pink here lol


Hello Ralph and Pitsburg lol


Saturday, November 8, 2008


Phew, another ceiling painted today,,living room , so will have to paint walls too LOL,,,maybe Monday when my neck recovers LOL and Mom needs to take a break, she's been helping lots too LOL ,,, I've been cutting fabric from the kit I bought a little while back , can't wait to start sewing lol ... also the quilt group has a xmas party, this year the them is "twas the night before xmas" and it's a pj night I'm making pj bottoms with xmas flannel,,,hope they fit, might be a little big, but think they will shrink somewhat, I already pre-washed but this is inexpensive stuff,,,oh, well,,, we are making little xmas trees made with yoyo's, really cute,,I'll have to take pics and post them, these will be little giveaways at the party, I kindda volunteered to be part of the committee along with 10 other ladies,,, this is going to be a fun thing....sooo,,, I also (first time) have a secret sister, which I have already got her a little something for Halloween,, that is also fun thing,,, any hoot, I'll post a few pics, and Ciao, Salute, Adios, Nighty nite, bonsoirs mes amis.......
xmas flannel

sorry, shadows was trying to take pics too fast


poor hubby, had to remove and re-hang chandelier

old (left) and (right) new kitchen fixture :)


me painting and mom cleaning (humm maybe keep pink wall,,NOT) lol


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Getting ready

Wow, can't believe how time flies.... these last few weeks have been a blurr,,,I'm going to have to try to slow down to enjoy the days ...Went to a quilt Saturday retreat..we made a table runner, all using the Serge machine.... my choice of fabric sucked LOL... the centre little too light, one of the ladies Gerry (Geraldine) suggested to tea dye it...well, I didn't think of that LOL so now I'll have to try this...we are getting ready to paint again (hehe) did the dining room ceiling and wow, what a difference,,, I was also a smoker but quit 2 years ago, and didn't realize at that time how much it sunk into to paint,,,the previous owner was a heavy smoker and hadn't painted the ceilings in many many years according to few people here,,but anyways, this is a good way to spring clean but in the fall LOL...posting a few before and after and some new furniture pictures, hope you enjoy....Ciao, Salute, Adios, Nighty nite, Bonsoirs mes amis.....

Table runner

ribbon is weaved in the decorative flatlock stitches...really cool


Dining room

before , now with chandelier and furniture (new) not quite all done


painting ceiling ugggg big job , soar neck LOL

I painted the outer circle to show the difference

low bed LOL
some of our new furniture in bedroom
we can sleep 36 inches above floor level , LOLOLO
feel like the queen but need a