Friday, August 1, 2008


Wow, couldn't get on to blog yesterday, humm,,, need another laptop, hubby hogging this one...the other computor, of course (regular type) is packed away in the here I am...late blogging ...that's ok will share.... Wow have to say I have wonderful, FRIENDS, and will soooo miss them,,,maybe I can pack a few in the trailer and bring with me LOL... I would feed, change and walk them on the trip LOL ........this has been a blurr this past month... The group of ladies I curl (Lois Kinsman, Janet Vickman, Joyce Kopp) with took me out for a fabulous diner and drinks, the quilt group that I've been with for humm too many years, too me out for a luncheon (Jan Hall, Marcia Beckman, Janice Aubut, Karen Barton and Sonya Mcdonald) , then 2 other ladies that I worked with , curled with etc( Louise Gaslard & Diane Liske)...took me out for lunch then of course the fitball group get together at Denises', had wonderful nibbling food and wow, very delicious chocolate cheese cake and other type of cheese cakes, hummm exercise later lol (Denise Dyer-Wood, Dianna McGavin, Donna Wood, Janet Vickman, Brenda Lalonde, Gail Wilson, Sharron (sorry can't remember last name) and Laurent St Aubin (Fluffy))) they also gave me some wonderful gifts to remember them by...I surely will never forget them all.... We will be keeping in touch for sure.... I also will still blog therefore we can all see and read what were are up to.....Ok so I've blubbered enough..Last night I went for a wonderful walk with Denise , it was drizzling out, but was fun.. D of course the great friend she is , brought a waterproof jacket for me to wear... Thanks D... she always thinks of others and everything else...truly a great I will post some pictures of friends and gifts.... Ciao, Salute, Tata, Night, Bonsoirs mes amis...


(aka D)

Janet, Brenda, Denise & Sharron, Gail


Donna, Laurent, Dianna & (Laurent) aka Fluffy & (Dianna) aka Di



Denise's photograph and Donna's husband's woodwork


Janet (Jasyn Lucas painting) , Dianna and , Fluffy, Sharron & Gail's gift(also coin from artic trading post $30)


Quilt group

will post group pics later (have to locate them)hehe
sorry ladies

Louise and Diane

same will post pics later

and the curling ladies I will post picture after unpack the pic

big diner and drinks


love you always


laurent said...

yeah!!!we will miss u lots !! u take care TWICE REMOVE COUSSIN SISTER IN LAW!!!!FREAKY HUH BUT COOL!!!!LOL NOW WE FIND OUT!!!!! LAURENT

Myra said...

I'm trying to go through some of your blogs for info of where you are moving to, but can't find anything... I sounds as if your are leaving Thompson. Have you posted where you are moving to?
Moving is such a big job!!! Our last move in Oct/Nov of last year was exhausting. 17 years in one place, 17 years of more stuff to sort through with adult children, and 17 years older...

Hazel said...

spxbanHoe nice to have loving friends I'm sure you will miss then greatly .

Denise said...

It's D, thanks, looks like D needs to lose a few pounds....

Lise said...

Not ,,, D is fine, need another glass of wine LOL....Luv Ya