Sunday, March 22, 2015


Oh dear, spring is here but not really showing lolol..... hurry need somegood sunshine and warmer weather so I can get out there and do a little walking or something ... I have been bad :( need to spend more time here than on Crackbook (fb) I have posted more there than here.... First off I am doing a few things I wanted to put on a bucket list but never got around to... Learning how to play guitar.. wow not easy as way more to it than I thought lol I have been going to sessions for 1 year now and just getting comfy with myself in reading music and playing some chords and strumming patterns..  Should have a few songs to play by the campfire this summer.

Also taking photography classes, yes I had taken a few many years ago but was to comfortable just selecting my Auto mode on my dslr D40 ... hummm ugraded to Nikon D3200 and also got a few new lenses :) woohoo .... so much fun playing around with it... Yes, I did many many comparisons , the newer D3300 had a few more features but I don't think I would use much ex: Wifi and for the price and reviews my upgrade to the 3200 was what I needed and price was right on :)

And yes, I am still sewing lolol I have made a few little projects and posting a few of them... in April, I am going to a quilt weekend for class with Carla Alexiuk  she is a certified teacher for Deb Tucker  ... We will be doing the  Northern Neighbours  pattern ...woohoo looking forward to this 

Well, guess I will sign off for now as I need to do a little cleaning and practice a little tune... here are a few more pics ... Enjoy 

Oh, these were taken with my Ipad... next ones will do with my new camera ;)

Ok this one was taken with my D3200 
Homework of one of my classes 
Memphis (our sucky girl)

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