Saturday, April 18, 2015

Feeling Awesome

Finally feels like Spring around here, even smells like it .... Well last weekend I went to an awesome quilt retreat (3days) woohooo... the quilt pattern that was being taught was "Northern Neighbors" by Deb Tucker and our certified teacher Carla Alexiuk... Meet a lot of new quilters (to me) from various places including North Bay, Sault St Marie and more.. Carla has been several times to PA in the States for her courses and get certified for teaching her methods... WOW love the patterns and rulers, they make quilting so much more fun .. Got accurate points and all lolol... I also made from the rulers and pattern the Hunter Star runner and quilt (top needs to be quilted) made out of batiks :)... so much I want to do so little hours in a day.... Just thought I'd do a quick post and also add some pics..

Ciao, Adios, Salue, Night and Bonsoir

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring ???

Wow, it's Spring but not lolol when is it going to warm up and stop snowing.... they are calling for snow through the night here.... Well cleaned up the house, getting ready for Easter Sunday with all my family .... Hope everyone has a great week, just muddling through my spring cleaning and thinking of having a yard sale, wow accumulation of stuff I haven't used so therefore going going gone lol... have a great week

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Oh dear, spring is here but not really showing lolol..... hurry need somegood sunshine and warmer weather so I can get out there and do a little walking or something ... I have been bad :( need to spend more time here than on Crackbook (fb) I have posted more there than here.... First off I am doing a few things I wanted to put on a bucket list but never got around to... Learning how to play guitar.. wow not easy as way more to it than I thought lol I have been going to sessions for 1 year now and just getting comfy with myself in reading music and playing some chords and strumming patterns..  Should have a few songs to play by the campfire this summer.

Also taking photography classes, yes I had taken a few many years ago but was to comfortable just selecting my Auto mode on my dslr D40 ... hummm ugraded to Nikon D3200 and also got a few new lenses :) woohoo .... so much fun playing around with it... Yes, I did many many comparisons , the newer D3300 had a few more features but I don't think I would use much ex: Wifi and for the price and reviews my upgrade to the 3200 was what I needed and price was right on :)

And yes, I am still sewing lolol I have made a few little projects and posting a few of them... in April, I am going to a quilt weekend for class with Carla Alexiuk  she is a certified teacher for Deb Tucker  ... We will be doing the  Northern Neighbours  pattern ...woohoo looking forward to this 

Well, guess I will sign off for now as I need to do a little cleaning and practice a little tune... here are a few more pics ... Enjoy 

Oh, these were taken with my Ipad... next ones will do with my new camera ;)

Ok this one was taken with my D3200 
Homework of one of my classes 
Memphis (our sucky girl)