Monday, November 17, 2014

Woohooo Fun

Let's hop over to : Sew Sisters blogathon lots of great ideas and sewwww much fun stuff

Sunday, October 5, 2014


Well, Fall is here already, not sure how I feel since we had maybe in total 1 week of summer lolol.... Rain Rain and more Rain, maybe should have built an Arc instead of Camp.... Let's hope next two seasons go by fast so we can have a great Spring and Summer (here to hoping and wishing)... Yes, I did a little sewing this last week, made 4 treat bags for grandkids who kinda misplaced 2 of the old ones I made :) no problem still have a good stash of Halloween fabric :) ..... now to finish quilting my Hunter Star Table runner (I used the Deb Tucker's ruler) oh how I love her rulers, think I am only missing a few, bought them back in spring @ our Quilt Guild Show...Oh I also made a quilt top using that ruler for a double size one :) now UFO til after Christmas , need to get other projects done for gifts ;)  Well need to go clean up but I'll be back again next week..

Ciao, Adios, Salute, Bonsoirs , Night night

Simple easy tote bags unlined  

Hunter Star 
Table runner

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I love fall colors, so beautiful, just finished sewing a quilt top Shhhhh can't post pic yet, it is a Christmas gift.   Also this summer at camp, I brought my ken (more) to made get some quilting done, wow I surprised myself I started and finished another quilt top... have to check out these awesome rulers from Deb Tucker, think I've got most of them lolol, love new tools, this quilt top will be on the back burner til I get other goodies done for Christmas then have to share my son's room to quilt it on Gracie II .   I'm in the process tonight or tomorrow in cutting and sewing some more trick or treat bags, daughter has only two I made years ago, and the twins claimed them lolol the two older ones would like one , but need to make them a little bit bigger they said to fill them up, omg to much junk.... So I've decided to wait a little on my gym, bad sciatica and trying new therapist this week and see how that goes, I'm back to eating clean , put on a few from summer and need to fit in my clothes ... well, here's a few pics to keep it interesting for a little...

Ciao, Adios, Salute, Night and Bonjours

Table Runner by
Deb Tucker with 
Hunter Star Ruler

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Hello, yes My been bad, so just letting you know I'll be posting every week for sure.... for now wanted to put this in writting so I can commit and getting my mojo back.... thank you for being patient and ttyl

Sunday, January 12, 2014


Oh my word, it has been a longgggg time since I've blogged... Yes I got caught up on Facebook with a lot of Family and Friends and so many different groups of quilters etc... I am also playing around with my camera and new photo program...... So here's the lastest , daughter #2 is due Tuesday in for a "C" section and this will be her 5 boy...Yes she is crazy, oldest is now 10, then 7, then twins will be 5 in March and newborn shortly, wow she will be busy ;)  Now this Amma (me) has been busy with some quilting, just finished big star block (queen) on my Gracie II and next big one will be sent out, omg to big for it lolol , now working on twins bday quilt (shhh) they keep asking for another blanky and of course I'm a solfty so they will get another one since they are in twin beds and their other quilts were for crib...I have also been going to gym (The Basement Fitness) doing weights  and once again registered for the Warrior Dash  2014 in Horseshoe Valley (Barry Ont) since I did the 2013 and had a blast... Spring is coming soon and we will be starting up the work on the inside of camp , when we moved after retirement , we never thought we'd be so busy lolol, no I don't think I'll return to work full time but driving school bus is a part time thing and maybe won't do next year so I can get busier hehehehe

We had a wonderful Christmas will most of all my family here, one year daughter #1 and family will share with us and also New Year 2014 will Rock.

Oh did I mention I'm also doing a UFO busting Challenge with Patricia Sloan??? and also a follow along  (globetrotting) with her...check this out either on her blog @ : 

also her facebook page @ Quilt Along with Patricia Sloan 

Just a little fun and add to my mile long list LOLOL 

Well, signing off but will be back once a week , so hope you enjoy and if not well pass by 

Here's a few pics
Memphis is trying to claim it lol