Sunday, March 17, 2013

World Wide Quilt Day

Sunday today and I am sure Pooped....lolol.... went quilting from 9am to 8pm along with some of our beautiful ladies from our guild (Rayside Balfour Stitchery Guild) here in Great City of Sudbury, Ontario.... We had loads of fun, some of us crazy gals went in our PJ's, had to make it a comfy day right :)  that would be the only time I stay in jammies all day LOL... there was a lot of cuddle quilts that were finished up and all thanks to one lady who's been this leader of the charitable quilts Marg Dagget and some who helped her this day..some of us worked on our own, and of course I sewed up a storm to realize after all this that I had screwed up OMG,, too funny, some said they would just chuck it and start again, but no, it's my screw up so I need to fix it (stubbornness I think lol) have to make this right, sooooo started today to re-sew and become a nice green it , rip it ... I hope that you wonderful ladies had a sew  great day yesterday :)... here is a few pics and I'll be hiding away in my room LOLOL....Ciao, Adios, Salute, Night nite, Bonsoir mes amis..


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Valerie the Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Looks like a fun time!! I'm a fan of quilting in my pajama's myself... ;)