Wednesday, March 10, 2010


OK, what's going on ?? SPRING OR ?? what???? Even in Northern Manitoba is seriously melting.. apparently they have almost no snow left... that is so unusual not in moons that, that has happened , that isn't good sign for what's ahead, No snow in the bushes means hot hot summer??? Now for other I am going to try busting my stash, that make take a long long long time..what was I a few projects , my dear sister called and said she knew I just could make her something so she took a picture (at her work) and sent it via email..well I knew I had come across these little buggers on the net somewhere and Bingo,,,found the pattern lol..she wanted me to make her the fingers mitts for when she nukes her meal at work, she walks to the caf and walks back to her office and it's hot hot hot...of course one of her co-worker has this cute things and well long story short, I made her a pair and of course myself, but now she would like a few more for at Princess we call her...reason for it...but we love her anyways... I also finished working on the Pat Sloan's Spring Fling... can't post pics yet as we have to send out end of next week... shh .. also purchased a book called "FARMER'S WIFE" and started to make a few of the blocks...this is quite interesting story and I am going to pluck away at it here and there, not rushing this one , it's just a challenge and maybe have it finished (top) in a year or off I go to sew more mitts..also had a wonderful evening at the guild, I should take the camera, all the ladies who participated in the bargello workshop brought their placemats and wow, all different colors all made them look awesome..great job ladies.... so for now, Ciao, Adios, Salute, Night, Bonjours mes amis..









pattern here


heather said...

Love those "finger mitts".....what a cute little gift idea.....tried to link to your pattern that u found but it didn't work....will google and find it I am sure.....and yes isn't this early spring grand.....however still a few flakes to fall I am sure but the worst is over at least....whatever falls won't be here for months on end......

Lise said...

Hello heather ,,, so sorry, I correxted the link and should be good to go.. hope you have fun with it like I did

Anne said...

Hi Lise...thanks for the "finger mitt" pattern link. I've been looking for something like this as I also carry hot items from the microwave to table at work. I'm going to make a few pairs as I know when the others see them, they will want them too. By the way, Sheila McNish says "hi" from Brandon, we all went to a fabric sale in Plumas last week-end (super sale on batiks)
Love ya...Anne

Lise said...

Hello Annie, your welcome, and they are fun to make and give.. and next time you see Sheila,, say hi from me too and I never regretted getting that machine, it's the best...Love ya and miss ya...