Thursday, April 23, 2009

QUICKLY ......

QUICKLY,,,,,, I'm going to make this a little blog today,,, getting ready for a quilt weekend get away, to the island (Manitoulin Island). This lovely lady , (Barb) has invited 4 of us other golden girls to her cabin, we are making a quilt bag (no sag bag)..... I know this will be sooo much fun....PJ party , quilt party and ??? (my first weekend retreat) LOL..... no need to dress, impress or soooo I will for sure take plenty of pictures and have to blog when I return (sometimes on Monday then work) .... woo hoo (well need to go to work also first, hehe,, that is really getting in my way, only 3 more weeks ,,,so who's counting lol)


Sunday, April 19, 2009


I've had a very full week .lol... we (hubby and I) were excited to see a BlueJay in our backyard,, that's pretty sad eh??? well we've been putting out seeds etc.... and were told with patient they would show up...well... caught a pic and posted lol... also was at the quilt group and had great time (as if I wouldn't LOL).. then this Saturday our guild (mostly all Marg's doing) organized a bus trip to Elliot Lake for a quilt show... wow.... that was fun,,, 34 lovely gals on a bus with 1 male bus driver ,,,oh poor dear lol.. not... they also had a quiltable wear vendors , food and lots of good old , downhome hospitality,,, we wont' mention that on Friday eve, Max was quilting when she then had to get down to emerg to stitch up her left index finger,,,hummm wonder how she did that (been there done that) she needed 3 stitches and back to her place around 4am,so,,,, she was kinda gidy most of the sorry Max just had to mention this.. Today, I did a little homework for next weekend, not finished yet so I'll have to take pics and blog more this week...awe that's love it... we went to a little trade show that had a variety of vendors,, very interesting stuff and some well,,,hummm not for me lol... so without any adieu,,,here a few pics....(as requested from my kids back in Thompson) luv yas, and missing yas,,, Ciao, Adios, Salute, Nighty Nite, Bonsoirs mes amies




picture before rest of gals came aboard


Sunday, April 12, 2009


WOW, great weekend so far,,,lol,,, had a great supper yesterday with the in laws,,, umm good stuff... then today I made supper for my family umm made newfie's dinner... now I'll have to run a marathon to drop the turkey thighs.LOL... wonderful time.. and as promised I'm posting just a few pictures of the Neighbour hood Show and Tell, apparently this started a few years ago, and each year now, a community host's started with the Rayside Balfour Stitchery Guild (which I now belong to) ... this was great fun (first for me) we have guilds from Onaping Falls, Sudbury , a bus from North Bay, Espanola, Manitoulin Island (2 guilds) and Elliot Lake,,,wow,, In order to come to the show,,, the fee is , yep you guessed it... an item to show.. could be anything you made... also we had a block lottery,,, you bring a block and you got entered into a draw to win blocks (2 draws , lots of blocks,,them was Canadiana) there was 134 ladies who attended (according to the guess book)... enjoy,,, Ciao, Adios, Salute, Night , Bonsoirs mes amis ....Happy Easter ....


Canadiana Blocks


Canadian Eh???


The last year's in club quilt

which the President won


Friday, April 10, 2009


HOLY MOLY,,,lol,, yep HERE I AM... finally, back in the blogging mode... I can't believe how time has gone... who said you can relax when you retire LOL.. well, not I and probably many more....I have sooooooo many things to blog about, not sure where to begin.... soo ,, shorter one for today,,, and more this weekend ,, humm the guild hosted a "Neighbourhood Show and Tell" this was fun,,, will post more about that weekend , lol this I have so many pictures that I'm having a tough time choosing which ones to post... also we had a very interesting time lol,,,, hubby called me to see that we had company in the back yard (next door) that was so funny, here were ducks ,,yes sir ree... 2 ducks,,hummm think they were a little confused lol.. however, too cute.....(pics posted),,, I also started a new mystery quilt , along with a few other great gals .... and finished my tisket tasket bom for March and will also start on the April one,,ah they are cute... lol... so for now, I hope you enjoy the pics,,, I promise I will post this weekend again with other good pics..... Ciao, Adios, Salute, Night, Bonsoirs mes amis a demain....