Sunday, February 8, 2009

Awe, Shoot

Okie, Dokie lol,,,, having great time,,,had wonderful week ,,,too pictures of these little birds that have started to make themselves at home here in our backyard,,,sooo cute, found out these are called Redpole birds,,, awe, very funny to watch.. So I had some problems starting on Friday,,yep, decided that I was going to get brave just DO IT....set up my quilting frame, machine, couch potato quilt (as Jan would called it or ugly quilt, thanks for her sense great of humor and finally the stitch regulator,,, well shoot (not exactly those words, isn't this a family channel) lol..... the stitch regulator not working again... boo hoo.... all lights were on and nobody back to the quilt shop and Chrystal is sending back and getting ordered new one (once again) maybe the 3rd time will be the lucky charm... oh Saturday, decided needed to try it anyways, so I set all this back up with the manual stitcher thingy , took all day to figure out how to start , stop, cut etc.... and then I stitched,,,boy I was having fun,,,oops got late, so I stopped. went to my cousin's son's (13 years old)hockey game.... Sunday,,, did some house cleaning, then got brave , went into the quilting room and away I went ,,, sewed sewed sewed,,,then swore swore, swore,,, can you believe this,,,, no,,,, I didn't break the machine or anything like that, was 3/4 ways done when BINGO DAHHHH,,, I noticed that big, big, boo boo, I done dood it... shoot... well you can see from the pics,,, I didn't realize til now that the backing is backwards lololol,,, soooo ,,, off it comes and now the frog appeared (rip it rip it) ... lesson learned... always check double, check and triple I was so gun hoe and excited that I finally got the nerve up and tried it, I thought I was on a roll,,,,....lmao..big unroll hehe,,, so back to rip it rip it and will try again as soon as I can release the frog.... Ciao, Salute, Adios, Nighty nite, Bonsoirs mes amis
PS: BOM #2 is out,, click on side bar "tisket a tasket" Bunny Hill Designs... great stuff
Also, Country Calendar, #2 block ...woohoo such great fun ..








pwl said...

*Hugs* I am SO familiar with frogging... LOL

Joyce said...

I did the same thing with one back. I think we're just so used to right sides together. I didn't rip out, I just hand sewed a strip over the seam. It seemed faster than ripping and is nearly impossible to see the mistake now.

MYRA said...

Awesome photos of the birds you got there Lise! You could be a nature photographer! Very nice! 8-)

OH my... I feel for you and that oops booboo... and 3/4s done too yet!!! All that prep and problems with the machine and then that! Well, I must say though, your quilting looks great! Tension's great too! You want help with ripping?

Happier stitching soon... 8-)

MYRA said...

Oh! By the way, love the couch potato quilt! 8-)