Saturday, January 10, 2009


Whew, can't believe how time is flying ok I've busted my booty last week and this went to the booty fitness camp and boy, did I work it out wow (just wish that D's classes were here, much better stuff)...... was sore, never tried this kick boxing (they have some in this class) ouch is what I can say (I'm not much of a kicker) ..but I also have been to quilt group (last Sat, Mond and Thursday) and they have a lot going on lol.....they just started a "inclub quilt" (queen size) which will be raffled off to some lucky member (hoping it's me) lol... we cut fabric and sorted and put pattern and fabric in a bag to give to members participating, (65 bags) it is the pineapple paper piecing block ,(10 /2 finished) this will be really nice...I'll post the pic soon as I'm completed the block...we also did a little reno...sorry said I'd wait til new year (this is lol) ...bathroom vanity and a little plumbing, voila,,, cute little bathroom... I also replaced dull curtains in the living room,,, added few accessories, getting house is not brand new or huge, just big enough for both of us and don't have to clean for days (lol, just kidding) want to quilt and do other stuff..... In reading other great blogs I came across a few good places to check out,,,,one is a free block of the month over at Bunny Tales, at: ....this one will be fun to do...and,,, Ciao, Adios, Salute, Night Nite,,, and Bonsoir mes amis....

Old ,,,, ouch more pink (gone now lol)


New ummm, nice now no pink only need backsplash lol

and maybe new toilet (later)


Cozy (oops we lowered the mirror was too high)



baby flannel and started another rag quilt (masculin one)



Joyce said...

The new bathroom looks great. I'm like you. I'd rather quilt than clean.

MYRA said...

You go girl with your resolutions and stash-busting!! 8-)
More renos hey? Looking good and cozy yes!!! Love the style of your sofa set! Different than I've seen...but then, I don't get into furniture stores too often! 8-)
An in-group-raffle...?...sounds interesting. 8-)
Happy stitchings!

Hazel said...

You home is really coming along ,looks great .I've finished the first block on Bonnyhill , its so cute I just couldn't resist .