Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 1

LOL, ok so this is Day 1 for the 2009, so far, so good, except for too much eating , no excersises, way to much relaxing and renovation in 2008 so,,,,,,, this day forward I declare the year of "HAVE FUN, ENJOY LIFE TO THE FULLEST, TAKE ONE DAY AT A TIME AND MOST OF ALL .....BE GOOD TO YOURSELF AND LOVED ONES" ...oh, also happy stitching .......I'd like to hear what YOUR resolution is,,,, mine is: as per above,,,also try to use up my stash,,,that when I'm very very low, I can get new and start all also,,,I have signed up for the Booty Boot Camp (I also signed up my sister) just to get a kick start and I know we will have fun...........Lets start the this New Year on the right foot (humm or left) LOL....Thanks yous all...... Ciao, Salute, Adios, Nite nite, Bonsoirs mes amis..


Joyce said...

Those treadmills look like a REALLY good idea for me! Happy New Year to you.

pwl said...

I resolved to get back on my walking programme so that perhaps I can actually LOSE some weight this year - to help with my diabetes. And, of course, to give me more energy for sewing! I find it helps immensely to have a TV set with a DVD player in front of my treadmill. I'm currently watching the complete set of Man from U.N.C.L.E. DVDs that DH gave me for our anniversary.