Saturday, November 8, 2008


Phew, another ceiling painted today,,living room , so will have to paint walls too LOL,,,maybe Monday when my neck recovers LOL and Mom needs to take a break, she's been helping lots too LOL ,,, I've been cutting fabric from the kit I bought a little while back , can't wait to start sewing lol ... also the quilt group has a xmas party, this year the them is "twas the night before xmas" and it's a pj night I'm making pj bottoms with xmas flannel,,,hope they fit, might be a little big, but think they will shrink somewhat, I already pre-washed but this is inexpensive stuff,,,oh, well,,, we are making little xmas trees made with yoyo's, really cute,,I'll have to take pics and post them, these will be little giveaways at the party, I kindda volunteered to be part of the committee along with 10 other ladies,,, this is going to be a fun thing....sooo,,, I also (first time) have a secret sister, which I have already got her a little something for Halloween,, that is also fun thing,,, any hoot, I'll post a few pics, and Ciao, Salute, Adios, Nighty nite, bonsoirs mes amis.......
xmas flannel

sorry, shadows was trying to take pics too fast


poor hubby, had to remove and re-hang chandelier

old (left) and (right) new kitchen fixture :)


me painting and mom cleaning (humm maybe keep pink wall,,NOT) lol



pwl said...


I'm glad I found your blog :) Is the treadle in the heading a working machine?

MYRA said...

Great fabric for PJ pants!
Great lighting fixture!
I was just talking with hubby about painting our walls and ceiling over the winter... We will see how far that idea goes... 8-)
Take care of the neck! 8-)
Happy stitchings!

Hazel said...

I swear I had that same bubble gum pink wall in this house when I moved in ,it took two coats of primer to get rid of it .Pace yourslef when painting we don't want to see you out with a painful shoulder or something .