Thursday, October 2, 2008


Oh my, I just had to inquire lol at one of the quilt shops in Sudbury about quilt guild...well,,,, Pat informed me that there were a few , and said that I might want to check out the guild closer to where I am (Azilda) which is in Chelmsford (about 8min drive) they are calle "Rayside Balfour Stitchery Guild" ..woohoo ,, I got a ladies name and not shy me (considered social butterfly LOL) called Maxine and (LOL) with this information she gave me, attended my first meeting here...What a great bunch of ladies, from young to old and such a big guild (for me) there was 61 quilters in the guild..including me which approx 42 attended, and they made me feel so welcomed (as if they wouldn't lol) ..... don't get me wrong , ladies in Thompson are still in my hearts and will always be .... I can't believe that this guild meets every Monday night, yes I said every Monday and also they get together on Thursday (9am-3pm) for quilting whatever your heart desires.....WOW... Im going to be busy when I get all my sewing unpacked LOL. Now I'm counting down,,,, only 2 weeks before we move into our place....hummm not anxious LOL..posting a few pics of Manitoulin Island... beautiful place to see... soooooo..... Ciao, Adios, Salute, Nighty nite, and Bonsoirs mes amis.....

Espanola, on the way to Manitoulin Island

Pulp and paper mill (woohoo smelling pretty) LOL rotten


one lane wooden bridge to cross onto the island

(sacry looking wooden planks)

demonstration at the quilt stuff eh??


Dave's first time, driving a quad

(still a big kid at heart, humm arent't we all LOL)

OK, who's following me LOL


MYRA said...

Good for you! You found a group of quilters already! Woohoo!!! 8-)
Still 2 weeks till the big day hey... 8-(
We used to live in Dryden. They have a big pulp and paper mill there too. The smell was really bad if the wind switched to our direction of town from there, otherwise it wasn't that bad... 8-)
Take care!

Joyce said...

Nice to find a group of like minded people. I am enjoying your photos. My BIL lives near Sudbury at Hanmer. Is that anywhere near you? I've only been there once but it seemed like a nice place.

Quilter Going Bananas said...

A quilt guild that meets every week? That is an awesome find! cheers, QGB

Hazel said...

Glad you found a group of quilters nearby ,that will keep you busy, not like you won't have enough to do settling into your new house ,but we all need a little time for ourselves .The guild I attend now has 60 members thats just a nice size group ,the one I quit had 200 members way to big and crowded .
We lived in Thorold for a very short time ,the smell from the paper mill was awful .

Julia said...

Hi Lise, thanks for stopping by my blog - looks as though you've been busy with a move lately - hope you're settling in nicely :0)