Thursday, September 4, 2008


Before I get blogging, I had to direct you to check out Jane's Fabrics and Quilts blog to check out her Birthday Giveaway... she has a lovely giveaway of 50 1930’s fat quarters and three patterns..

Alright folks, just a quickie,,,,LOL my blogging days are short and far between lately, but can't be helped when we are 5 people sharing time LOL....still waiting for keys to our house,,,not til October 15...boohoo,,, then we can set up shop and giver her all...we have been shopping for furniture, found quite a big selection, had to narrow it down and wow ,,,ordered and will have to wait again.......wait....wait.... lots of patience...anyways posting a few pics for now and will try to get back on this weekend or sooner...\Oh, visit Adios, Ciao, Salute, Goodday mate, Bonsoir mes amis...

A few of Jan's flowers I took before leaving Thompson, Mb


Woodpecker in backyard (Azilda, Ont)

Umm, grapes are turning blueish (Azilda, Ont)

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MYRA said...

I feel your disappointment about your wait to get into your new home... The time just seems to drag, you feel displaced, and even homeless at times... Through it all though is excitement and anticipation! 8-)
Love the photos! Nice job!