Sunday, September 28, 2008


Sorry to take so long to get back on here and hard, still living out of our suitcase til mid October but,,, here I am...what a wonderful time I've had this week,,, seen cousins that I haven't seen in years, I'm talking maybe around 20 or so ..was awesome.. but will be doing more of that now that we are back in homeland LOL, .also took in some sites that we kinda drove by before and never took time to see...funny how you can just be close to something but not even notice it...does that make sense... so here are a few pictures of the Fall season here, wow, beautiful here and last way longer then up north (sorry gals just had to put that in LOL) ,,,,,,,also a few more pics of, Salute, Adios, Nighty Nite, Bonsoirs mes amis......

Humm fun stuff woohoo


Geese right in the middle or Sudbury,,,humm resting first lol
By Onaping Falls, it's call High Falls


A little climb going back up the hiking trail (poor Dave, he was pooped lol)


On the back deck at Sis in laws (Azilda) cool don't see those in Thompson



MYRA said...

Great fabrics! Lovely table runner pattern, and love the witch!!!
Great photos of the falls, and wonderful colors of Autumn all around you. That red is so vivid!
Love those blue-jays!! 8-)

Joyce said...

Gorgeous photos. Autumn is my favorite time of year. We went to Thompson last year to see the leaves in Sept. They were amazing there too, even if they don't last long. That way we got them there, and then the next round here when we got home.

Hazel said...

Your photo's are beautiful , don't you just love fall with all the gorgeous colors .