Sunday, September 28, 2008


Sorry to take so long to get back on here and hard, still living out of our suitcase til mid October but,,, here I am...what a wonderful time I've had this week,,, seen cousins that I haven't seen in years, I'm talking maybe around 20 or so ..was awesome.. but will be doing more of that now that we are back in homeland LOL, .also took in some sites that we kinda drove by before and never took time to see...funny how you can just be close to something but not even notice it...does that make sense... so here are a few pictures of the Fall season here, wow, beautiful here and last way longer then up north (sorry gals just had to put that in LOL) ,,,,,,,also a few more pics of, Salute, Adios, Nighty Nite, Bonsoirs mes amis......

Humm fun stuff woohoo


Geese right in the middle or Sudbury,,,humm resting first lol
By Onaping Falls, it's call High Falls


A little climb going back up the hiking trail (poor Dave, he was pooped lol)


On the back deck at Sis in laws (Azilda) cool don't see those in Thompson


Monday, September 22, 2008


Oh My,,,, yes folks, I did, I had a breakdown, meltdown, whatever you want to call it...Just had to have my fix LOL I admit ,,,I have an addiction.....yep me,,,little, so good (lol) , me.... I just had to stop into a quilt shop,,,yep,,,, I did,, then another one LOL and of course you guessed it...there was this little (humm) bag that just followed me out the doors...PSSS, that's nothing hehe... found a quilt show down at the Island,,, hehe of course I couldn't help it... had hubby get up early, nice and early and drove to Manitoulin Island.....(saw the add in the quilt shops of course)....just by co-ink-ke-dinky,,my friend has a camp at Mindemoya (on the island) and we planned to meet for the guys went 4 wheeling while us ladies, went to the quilt show... lol,, hummm of course has anyone ever left there without any goodies...You got it,,,, I had another relapse,,....And now I started this Halloween wall hanging (kit),,,it's got applique with wonder under ,,,sooo I can start it then when we move into our house,,lol I can stitch the rest and hang it in time....This was so much fun, now I have to restrain myself (not) .... well see ... LOL We had fun this weekend and I will post more this week with great pics and tales,.... so ,,, Ciao, Adios, Salute, Nighty nite, Bonsoirs mes amis..........

and a kit to boot pattern

will add the others next blog LOL


Just a few pics of the quilt show






Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Well, I heard through the grapevine that it snowed in Churchill last night and they are (humm wonder who) are saying it might snow in Thompson, LOL OH MY.....had a little frost here in Sudbury (Azilda), this am... we all had to scrape the windows (vehicles)... wow, summer went and gone , I'm sure we all feel the same here in Canada, that we got a pretty wet summer and fall... maybe we can have a fast winter that we can say it's gone LOL... I'm working on my Hawaiian applique and almost done... I'll have to find another project (hand one) soooo hummm maybe I'll have to check out the quilt shop, I've been trying to stay away, did pretty good til now but,,,, need need need to.... can't wait , can't stay away lol . I'm a little cold at the moment, will have to go thaw out BRRR. (bath time) hehe,,, still living out of our suitcase but soon,,,, so Ciao, Salute, Adios, Nighty nite, bonsoir mes amis ......

Marlene's petty flowers


Paul's Grapes (bros in law)

PS: Paul was fighting off the racoons (with the broom last nite)

they are eating his grapes LOL

that was too funny,,,sorry Paul

Saturday, September 13, 2008

School Woohoo

Wow, great week , busy crazy, but Went to photo school (course) today, was fun. and wow the stuff you can do with an DSLR camera is amazing...instead of saying, "how did they do that" LOL I now know more that I did yesterday LOL and asked probably too many questions but I'm a need to know how and why person... this was supposed to be only 3 hrs but ended up to be 4hrs.. that was ok by me...another class on part 2 , in two weeks and I am going,, humm I'll play with my Nikon first, then maybe I'll understand more..Anyways, all week we (hubby and I) were checking out 5th wheelers, boy what a selection, today went back to the first one we viewed and did my homework, on my best buy, etc... and bought it...26 foot, 1996 , almost new, not used much at all... still smell like new too... can't wait now,lol til next year LOL...boy am I jumping the gun.. so... still living out of a suitcase til mid Oct, need to get at my sewing machine, I sure miss it.... here's a few pics I took last week...sooo Ciao, Salute, Adios, Night, Bonsoir mes Amis...til next time

Pretty, after the rain


Saturday, September 6, 2008


Alright, I went to this new store called Henry's, its a photo, printing camera etc shop,,, new in Sudbury .. I signed up for couple classes for my Nikon D40... this should be great,,,maybe I'll understand what I'm doing LOL....part 1 is getting to know your D40 and part 2 is more in dept on how to's lol..this should keep me busy. I heard from a friend in Thompson, that D has a new routine and this was really good she said she was sore,,,, ahh poor Janet . boohoo for me though , wishing I could be there to get a good worked out too.... well going to sign up at the centre here in Azilda and also with the Y in Sudbury to drag the princess (my sister) to get feeling great...anyways checked out some blogs today and can't wait to get back to sewing,,,ahh,, well, I'll have to get working on my Hawaiian block again... here's more pics to fill in the so, Adios, Ciao, Salute, Nighty nite, bonsoir mes amis...
This is at Lake Nepawasin, Ontario
where camping is great


Peewee (she) Cathy and Brian's little girl


Chloe and Anook , Paul and Marlene's girls'


Yes, you can grow grapes in Azilda, ummm almost ready Paul

Marlene's sunflowers not quit ready LOL soon

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Before I get blogging, I had to direct you to check out Jane's Fabrics and Quilts blog to check out her Birthday Giveaway... she has a lovely giveaway of 50 1930’s fat quarters and three patterns..

Alright folks, just a quickie,,,,LOL my blogging days are short and far between lately, but can't be helped when we are 5 people sharing time LOL....still waiting for keys to our house,,,not til October 15...boohoo,,, then we can set up shop and giver her all...we have been shopping for furniture, found quite a big selection, had to narrow it down and wow ,,,ordered and will have to wait again.......wait....wait.... lots of patience...anyways posting a few pics for now and will try to get back on this weekend or sooner...\Oh, visit Adios, Ciao, Salute, Goodday mate, Bonsoir mes amis...

A few of Jan's flowers I took before leaving Thompson, Mb


Woodpecker in backyard (Azilda, Ont)

Umm, grapes are turning blueish (Azilda, Ont)