Monday, August 4, 2008

Jean quilt?

Well, I guess that it's about time I get the computer and blog a little LOL.... Really need another laptop til we move into a house of our own LOL anyways,,, I was busy finishing off Phillip patched up jean quilt hehe... I guess it's now a crazy patched blocky family and friend's jean quilt.... I asked him why once again as to reason wants this one fixed...he kidda smiled and said , just because it's comfy, hummm I think he's kinda attached to this one LOL boy,,, I do have sentimental kids...all three grown up kids ...Today was a cleaning day for me.. I want to make the house spic and span before we leave and before my sister gets back here, just a big thanks for letting us invade their house...It sure smell perty LOL...spending time with family and friends this week will be a little hard (sad, teary, excited et... all in one box)...... here's a few pics and I'll try to blog again later..Ciao, Salute, TATA, Night, bonsoir mes amis......

My trusty, older, portable Kenmore easily can tuck away in the trailer.

my Janome 6500 is pack in original box already

Awe the famous or the now patched crazy jean quilt for Phillip

some aweful patching but, oh well it works for him


bennie and patsy said...

I will have to try this for my grandson's Thanks.

Myra said...

I used my Kenny Kenmore for about 19 years! I still have it on standby if Pfaffy and I have a disagreement! LOL! We are still getting to know each other... 8-)
Patching up something older, comfortable, and loved... beats making a whole new one don't you think? 8-)
Happy stitchings!