Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hmm, cleaning anyone

Cooler day , humm cleaning anyone,,,hehe,,, did some, but wasn't dirty, just freshening up the place (temporary home) so sister can come home (after we leave that is) and just unload car and no worry about having to do too much, maybe (chuckle) ...long drive....Was sunny today but then later in afternoon it showered...lol didn't have to go water the grass, hum, but it needs cutting and this is what it's been doing everyday (well pretty much) need to wait til Thursday now, so it won't be too long for sister (grass that is)....lol ....went for a good walk with D,,, always nice to go with her and chat and get tips and ideas and and ,,lots... we had a little sprinkle but we both didn't melt so that's always good.... posting a few more pics enjoy... Ciao, Salute, Adios amigos, Night, bonsoirs mes amis....
OK Kids, my turn, my laptop???
Phillip (son baby) (middle) daughter Melissa (Missy)


Sandwich anyone LOL

Happy boys?? naw lol


Playing with features on camera

Nikon D40 (nice)



Quilting Journey said...

That is the cutest little 'sandwich' ever! Hope that little 'batting' in the middle wasn't too squished! Glad you got the 'free patterns' logo to work and oh, I am so jealous of your lovely D40 ;)

Hazel said...

Those children are so cute I just love the little ones curly hair ,you must be very proud .

Niki said...

Love the pics! A new camera, what fun!

Myra said...

Great photos! Cute little ones!
Mom is always last for the comp... 8-(