Friday, August 22, 2008

Crazy Me

To my patient, wonderful friends and blogger friends I apologize for being tardy, I'm still in left field (feel displaced) lol.......We have bought a house but,,, possession not til mid October, anyhoot. I thought I'd post something, so here I am, misplaced, displaced, crazy me.... I sure miss my Thompson friends... Went walking yesterday, I'll have to do more and get back in the grove, have to get familiar with new surroundings.. Lost without my everyday personal stuff, I have a few but need to sew and my stash and machine and equipment etc... are all in the trailer at my other sis in law...can't wait to unpack and do some sewing and maybe some painting. Just installed adobe photoshop element 6, now just have to figure out how it all works LOL (bought a book for it called .....adobe... for dummies... looks like it will help me have to make time to play around in it... so here are a few pics that I took on our big move......I'll have to make the time to sit and blog more to keep everyone updated....Ciao, Adios, Salute, Bonsoir mes amis.....

Humm, I'll have to take pics of Azilda, Ontario and Sudbury, Ontario

AWE greeted by a wonderful rainbow (Nairn, Ontario) not only one but


Montreal River , Ontario (after Thunder Bay)

.............Andy and Heather and grandson Adamson and son Adam .........Janice and Allan


Heather and Andy's little ones (lol) 5 cute little yorkies

Thunder Bay, Ontario


Peshew Falls, pit stop LOL humm guess why

Bill and Louise and Shadow (in Thompson)


Myra said...

You mentioned misplaced and displaced, but you forgot to mention "homeless"! LOL!!
Our own move back in November had us "homeless" for 2 weeks before we could get into our new home. A friend of mine became "homeless" at the same time as us, but they ended up in that situation for 9 months... Long, unpleasant story there! At first she joked that we could pitch our tent beside their's... 8-)
You must find something to occupy yourself before you go stir-crazy!! You have a bit of a wait!
I wish you well with all that...
Take care!

Denise said...

Nice to see you making good use of your Nikon, good shots, cute dogs...