Monday, August 25, 2008

More Friends

Ok, just a quick blog tonight, wanted to also add a great lady who is very artistic, she quilts, paints, creates and wayyyyy more ...she is very talented and always thinking out of the box,,,,(which I need to do LOL) she's also a great teacher and always ready to share ideas and how too's and ready to try new things ... here's some pics I took before we left Thompson,,,hummm I have over the years learnt a lot of great things from this beauty..Thanks Jan and also hubby Wayne........ missing yous too........ciao for now, Adios, Salute, Night, and Bonsoir mes amis.....

Jan's , Fabric Art (above also some paint art)

Jan's fabric dying

Just a few of Jan's Fabric Painting


Jan's Art on rock

Beautiful ponds, water falls and gardens (Wayne's creation)

Jan and Wayne Hall

Thanks, Hall family

Friday, August 22, 2008

Crazy Me

To my patient, wonderful friends and blogger friends I apologize for being tardy, I'm still in left field (feel displaced) lol.......We have bought a house but,,, possession not til mid October, anyhoot. I thought I'd post something, so here I am, misplaced, displaced, crazy me.... I sure miss my Thompson friends... Went walking yesterday, I'll have to do more and get back in the grove, have to get familiar with new surroundings.. Lost without my everyday personal stuff, I have a few but need to sew and my stash and machine and equipment etc... are all in the trailer at my other sis in law...can't wait to unpack and do some sewing and maybe some painting. Just installed adobe photoshop element 6, now just have to figure out how it all works LOL (bought a book for it called .....adobe... for dummies... looks like it will help me have to make time to play around in it... so here are a few pics that I took on our big move......I'll have to make the time to sit and blog more to keep everyone updated....Ciao, Adios, Salute, Bonsoir mes amis.....

Humm, I'll have to take pics of Azilda, Ontario and Sudbury, Ontario

AWE greeted by a wonderful rainbow (Nairn, Ontario) not only one but


Montreal River , Ontario (after Thunder Bay)

.............Andy and Heather and grandson Adamson and son Adam .........Janice and Allan


Heather and Andy's little ones (lol) 5 cute little yorkies

Thunder Bay, Ontario


Peshew Falls, pit stop LOL humm guess why

Bill and Louise and Shadow (in Thompson)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Time change??

Wow, sorry didn't get to blog, just a short note for now...LOL Left Thompson Friday Aug8 and got here in Sudbury (Azilda) on Sunday night aug10, parked our big trailer about 20 minutes from here then relaxed...Monday visited a little with lots of family , pooped went to bed early, think due to time change, humm maybe too much sitting in Tuesday got a call from real estate agent and went saw a house (cute one) here in Azilda, Ontario. Apparently here in this area, you need to jump to to pump (lol) made an offer, bang, here we are, house and all,,,,hehe.sooo many things happening and will try to post again soon... we will have to take pics and post them... its very quaint 2 bedrooms up and 1 down, good sizes, has a 100 by 150' lot, very well maintained and back is facing green space ,,,ooohhhh,, peaceful... anyway, like I said , I will try to get pics and post this week...sorry for making my good friends wait....Luv yas all... Ciao, Salute, Adios, Goodnight and bonsoirs mes amis.......PS will set up home oct15,, til then will have to do hand

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hmm, cleaning anyone

Cooler day , humm cleaning anyone,,,hehe,,, did some, but wasn't dirty, just freshening up the place (temporary home) so sister can come home (after we leave that is) and just unload car and no worry about having to do too much, maybe (chuckle) ...long drive....Was sunny today but then later in afternoon it didn't have to go water the grass, hum, but it needs cutting and this is what it's been doing everyday (well pretty much) need to wait til Thursday now, so it won't be too long for sister (grass that is) ....went for a good walk with D,,, always nice to go with her and chat and get tips and ideas and and ,,lots... we had a little sprinkle but we both didn't melt so that's always good.... posting a few more pics enjoy... Ciao, Salute, Adios amigos, Night, bonsoirs mes amis....
OK Kids, my turn, my laptop???
Phillip (son baby) (middle) daughter Melissa (Missy)


Sandwich anyone LOL

Happy boys?? naw lol


Playing with features on camera

Nikon D40 (nice)


Monday, August 4, 2008

Jean quilt?

Well, I guess that it's about time I get the computer and blog a little LOL.... Really need another laptop til we move into a house of our own LOL anyways,,, I was busy finishing off Phillip patched up jean quilt hehe... I guess it's now a crazy patched blocky family and friend's jean quilt.... I asked him why once again as to reason wants this one fixed...he kidda smiled and said , just because it's comfy, hummm I think he's kinda attached to this one LOL boy,,, I do have sentimental kids...all three grown up kids ...Today was a cleaning day for me.. I want to make the house spic and span before we leave and before my sister gets back here, just a big thanks for letting us invade their house...It sure smell perty LOL...spending time with family and friends this week will be a little hard (sad, teary, excited et... all in one box)...... here's a few pics and I'll try to blog again later..Ciao, Salute, TATA, Night, bonsoir mes amis......

My trusty, older, portable Kenmore easily can tuck away in the trailer.

my Janome 6500 is pack in original box already

Awe the famous or the now patched crazy jean quilt for Phillip

some aweful patching but, oh well it works for him

Friday, August 1, 2008


Wow, couldn't get on to blog yesterday, humm,,, need another laptop, hubby hogging this one...the other computor, of course (regular type) is packed away in the here I am...late blogging ...that's ok will share.... Wow have to say I have wonderful, FRIENDS, and will soooo miss them,,,maybe I can pack a few in the trailer and bring with me LOL... I would feed, change and walk them on the trip LOL ........this has been a blurr this past month... The group of ladies I curl (Lois Kinsman, Janet Vickman, Joyce Kopp) with took me out for a fabulous diner and drinks, the quilt group that I've been with for humm too many years, too me out for a luncheon (Jan Hall, Marcia Beckman, Janice Aubut, Karen Barton and Sonya Mcdonald) , then 2 other ladies that I worked with , curled with etc( Louise Gaslard & Diane Liske)...took me out for lunch then of course the fitball group get together at Denises', had wonderful nibbling food and wow, very delicious chocolate cheese cake and other type of cheese cakes, hummm exercise later lol (Denise Dyer-Wood, Dianna McGavin, Donna Wood, Janet Vickman, Brenda Lalonde, Gail Wilson, Sharron (sorry can't remember last name) and Laurent St Aubin (Fluffy))) they also gave me some wonderful gifts to remember them by...I surely will never forget them all.... We will be keeping in touch for sure.... I also will still blog therefore we can all see and read what were are up to.....Ok so I've blubbered enough..Last night I went for a wonderful walk with Denise , it was drizzling out, but was fun.. D of course the great friend she is , brought a waterproof jacket for me to wear... Thanks D... she always thinks of others and everything else...truly a great I will post some pictures of friends and gifts.... Ciao, Salute, Tata, Night, Bonsoirs mes amis...


(aka D)

Janet, Brenda, Denise & Sharron, Gail


Donna, Laurent, Dianna & (Laurent) aka Fluffy & (Dianna) aka Di



Denise's photograph and Donna's husband's woodwork


Janet (Jasyn Lucas painting) , Dianna and , Fluffy, Sharron & Gail's gift(also coin from artic trading post $30)


Quilt group

will post group pics later (have to locate them)hehe
sorry ladies

Louise and Diane

same will post pics later

and the curling ladies I will post picture after unpack the pic

big diner and drinks


love you always