Sunday, July 27, 2008


Well, it's about Time, she says LOL...Sorry didn't get to blog this last week,....wayyyy too pooped.. did however go for great walks with Denise in the am and was energized enough to keep on trucking.... LOL Today was one of the many woohoo days, the trailer is packed, house is empty and really clean, and same for the garage.... had my agent do a walk through the house with me to make sure everything was good to go..and of course it was so therefore, humm kindly handed him the keys... As I told a few people...I'm homeless (but that's ok) , living out of a suitcase (at my sister's) LOL and waiting and now I can relax before our next venture..... I did take a few pics and posting some...hehe...I will also this week get my Kenmore machine out and try my best in patching up #1 son (Phillip) his jean quilt, so he can stop asking LOL.....(will have to pack the machine in the truck ahhhtoo bad LOL) I've had a few get togethers with my quilting friends and curling girls and this week with my fitball crew (which I will greatly miss) , blogging is wonderful way of keeping in touch and seeing what my friend is up to and visy versa... but for now will have to visit as much as possible ... til tomorrow,,,,, Ciao, Adios, Salute, Night, Bonsoirs mes amis........

Oh what tangled webb we weave, when we practice to decive??

Cool color spider on the peony

Cool pics thanks to Denise's ideas

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