Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday, Monday...

Well, another early morning today,,,,went with hubby to Winnipeg for a check up with the urologist... Everything looks good... Went to the mall there (Polo Park) walked and more walking, found Black's is photography store...Wow, could have spent a fortune, many cool things for my Nikon (d40)...did buy a filter and a lcd protector, for now..LOL Also got my good friend Denise, a little something for her birthday today LOL...Happy Birthday Ill post a few pics and Ciao , Salute, Adios, Night ,,, bonsoirs mes amis til tomorrow......

Few of my sister's flowers (marigolds)


Oh, bruised myself ouch... swollen ankle

Pride hurt lol (fell off the truck tailgate) loading up for dump LOL



Denise said...

Nice flowers, now your sold and moved out you can take a well deserved break. Ankle looks swollen, no walking for you.

Who is "lonely Paul"?

Hazel said...

Ouch that looks pain full ,hope it feels better soon .