Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Way cool

Great day today, daughter called this am and said daycare called to say she's next (on a long waiting list) and boys can start on, what will I do with all that time for me...LOL..I can now be a grandma...heehee.. she's a single mom and Ive been helping and like someone once said, being "the other parent" for too many years ...Can't believe they're all growing up, even daughter hehe.... I worked on the borders on the topsy turvy quilt, finished, it's bigger than what I wanted to be but, oh well, someone will get . I need now to work on few smaller projects so I can pack more but keep me busy sewing.....Weather progressively got way better, sunny and very nice now this evening. Went for a good walk with Denise, was good to do that since we've been in house for few days , very wet PS son got hired on with Vale Inco. He's soooo excited and has been up too early every morning, he's been going for orientation this week. He's just antsy pantsy LOL....he goes to the job tomorrow....that's awesome... here's some pics and enjoying the rest of the sunny evening...Oh, did I say that here in the north (Thompson, Mb) the sun stays up quite late in the summer, on the longest day of summer which was June20th, you can sit outside and watch the sun go down around 10:50pm and back up around 4am....Evenings here in the summer time are awesome...I'll sure miss that moving from here...

HUM , guess what were doing?????......curly or what hehe


Son, No me, Not anxious

Cool Topsy Turvy quilt



Hazel said...

Oh my ,your blog brought back many memories we lived in Thompson for 10 years from 1973 to 1981 in the River side area ,then returned to Ontario .I can still hear the crunch of the snow LOL

Anonymous said...

My goodness - Missy's youngest reminds me sooooooooo much of Phil when he was younger. All the curly hair.