Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hump day

well day started pretty gloomy grey clouds, didn't think I was going to clear up, but this afternoon was wonderful...did a little quilting while the little guy napped,, boohoo messed up (what quilter hasn't?) needed to use ripper LOL ...took the boys outside to play, ohhh , so much fun,,, they saw ants on the buds of the peonies and they had a blast asking 20 questions, hehe...too funny when gave them Popsicles especially Chase he has this thing with the car, needs to put everything in the trunk and yes his Popsicle disappeared we knew where it went..LOL All in all ,,, great hump day..hope it great all week ....Bonsoir Mes Amis, Ciao
PS also went for a good walk in the millenium trail with 4 other friends wohoo...fells good .

ants in peonies

popsicle on shirt UMMMMM

"The CAR" trunk , ummm puddle of popsicle

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Edna said...

Hi there.. found you thru Quilting Bloggers. I am also using blogger and I am wondering how you get your blog to go full screen instead of just down the center?? I'm still rather new at all of this and really like how your blog is set up. If you wouldn't mind sharing, I would love to hear from you..