Monday, June 30, 2008


All right, this was to be a day off...hehe NOT... has that ever happened LOL YUP always, ran around cleaning up, the boys weren't here today, got a call from real estate, will be showing again tomorrow.... humm I wonder if the people coming for the last 2 weeks have been only window shoppers or curious georges...(I know too many people in this town and thinking that some may be nosey)...Was way to hot to go out and do some weeding today, wanted to do that now...but.....then I decided to check out some other bloggers, on quilting bloggers (see side bar, and check it out , very cool blogs)I came across this : under Chelsea tote I got inspired and voila, their I was,,,, cutting fabric and running to the store , picked up a 22" zipper to match and I'm off to the races, so I thought HEHE...I was just starting to sew when daughter called from her cell in a panic, her regular phone croaked....soooo the good mother I am,,,ran to Wal Mart to purchase a cordless phone as she is a single mom and the boys are in bed,,,well so the story goes....Came home and here I am.....I will work on it tomorrow in between kids and showing the house LOL Therefore for now I'll go sort my stuff out to start again sewing and will be back tomorrow,,PS: HAPPY CANADA DAY in advance (july 1st) will take pics.....Bonsoirs mes amies a demain......Ciao......Ta Ta, Nite to all.......

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Ok, so who said yard sale was easy???? I was working on this for weeks, getting stuff sorted, priced etc.... Sale ummm, boy everything went fast, maybe under priced not sure but needed to downsize to relocate ourselves and the way gas prices are, you guessed it, it's cheaper this way and purchase new furnishing once we get their...Does that make sense...Sure she said ...HEHE... Of course it sounded good (amount made on this) lots of work next time someone asks if I want to make one... I think, I'll just donate it to a good cause and skip the sale...hEHE... Today was a nice warm day, but very grey outside... so took the boys down to see the Tribute Plane re Lamb Air.... this plane was found in very bad shape. I'll try to get the whole story tomorrow, I know that quite a few Thompsonites got together, got the blueprints for this plane and restored it ,,, it took a few years to do this and its' quite the site to see it up on pedestal that is really cool way of displaying it... ( it actually has all motor etc..) More info to come this week. I also made an awesome "carrot salad", very nummy, if your interested in the recipe it's simple and I can surely share it... Will make other types of salad for Canada Day July1st for celebration with family... sooooo,... will sign off Ciao, Bonsoir me amis, a demais.... Til tomorrow......Nite
UMMM carrot salad (marinated overnite)

Click to enlarge and read story (really cool)

Cool, Mark V Norseman (float plane) click to enlarge


Friday, June 27, 2008


OOPPSS, sorry, didn't get a chance to blog yesterday, and today will be a short one. Have been getting ready for a yard sale and boy, do I have lots to downsize (good word eh).. I thinks after being married for 32 years (33 in Aug) we can splurge on ourselves. I don't remember when we actually bought new furnishing etc.... always either bought small (cheep, least expensive) to be able to give to the kids, well now it's our turn lol..... sooo no sewing yesterday but hoping by tomorrow night and the rest of week... They boys will be going to Day Care starting Monday and that will give us chance to do things we need to do before we go (moving to Ont, retiring) ...I'll keep updating blog and maybe tonight short one.......Have a Wonderful Friday and enjoy every minute of it...LOL

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Way cool

Great day today, daughter called this am and said daycare called to say she's next (on a long waiting list) and boys can start on, what will I do with all that time for me...LOL..I can now be a grandma...heehee.. she's a single mom and Ive been helping and like someone once said, being "the other parent" for too many years ...Can't believe they're all growing up, even daughter hehe.... I worked on the borders on the topsy turvy quilt, finished, it's bigger than what I wanted to be but, oh well, someone will get . I need now to work on few smaller projects so I can pack more but keep me busy sewing.....Weather progressively got way better, sunny and very nice now this evening. Went for a good walk with Denise, was good to do that since we've been in house for few days , very wet PS son got hired on with Vale Inco. He's soooo excited and has been up too early every morning, he's been going for orientation this week. He's just antsy pantsy LOL....he goes to the job tomorrow....that's awesome... here's some pics and enjoying the rest of the sunny evening...Oh, did I say that here in the north (Thompson, Mb) the sun stays up quite late in the summer, on the longest day of summer which was June20th, you can sit outside and watch the sun go down around 10:50pm and back up around 4am....Evenings here in the summer time are awesome...I'll sure miss that moving from here...

HUM , guess what were doing?????......curly or what hehe


Son, No me, Not anxious

Cool Topsy Turvy quilt


Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Alright, who said it was dry????ummm . It poured and poured , wow I don't think we need anymore for a while,... grass is greener, don't need to water flowers hehe,,, ok it can stop now...Anyways, making tonight short blogging...Daughter's sitter backed out of sitting. So,,,, Yep grandma is sitting til Day care spot for the boys....I have been packing a little more and putting stuff in garage for yard sale on Saturday.....hope its nice ,,downsizing is, well, getting there.....I basted the Hawaiian block, and did a little appliqueing on it....So,,, getting back to sorting and will write a little more tomorrow,,, thanks for being patience in advance....

PS: have 2 rows left for topsy turvey and will add a border.........

Monday, June 23, 2008


Well, woke up this am to hard thunder, boy when I said we need rain, ummm , I didn't mean thunder with it LOL....ok we do need this rain, but feels soooo gloomy outside...I had the boys today,, daughter has a new sitter til daycare call her (on a list), but sitter couldn't do it for today. Ummm so didn't get much quilting done, but did take pics of Hawaiian quilt kit by Keri Designs. Ok so I botched it, whenever you try to go fast , don't , trust me you'll botch it LOL.. I didn't read carefully, thought it was only the background fabric that I should fold in 8ths, and there I was, ummm oppps messed up the leaves...sooo,,, had to go in my stach and find green batiks. Do you know how hard it is to find some color you need asap and all is well,,, packed somewhat hehe...I did manage to find an ok one... and follow the pattern carefully on folding... now I have to bast it and I think, I'll keep this project for "on the road" quilting.... I love to quilt on the road, gives me something to do, other than just sit for 2 1/2 days driving..LOL.... I also went out in the drizzle rain and took few pics of flowers that just opened.... enjoy,,, Ciao, and off I go to sew rows my on my topsy turvey quilt...

Read pattern carefully,,,,, LOL




..................Siberian Iris ................Bearded Iris (smells good)


Sunday, June 22, 2008

The King Is........

Oh, darn it all, was going to bring the boys for a walk this afternoon to the park and also to check to see who was named "King Miner" , it poured....called my sister, which bros in law was one of the judges in competition and found out who.....drummm rolll please, the 2008 King Miner is...........Joe Burton.....congratulations and also to all who participated in the events, I know there are others who won specific events etc...but didn't get all the info yet.... also, I did forget to mention that it was also, Aboriginal Days, there were festive for this too all same many things in one weekend, Fare, entertainment (Glass Tiger played on Sat night) and also others, if I haven't put in my blog , please accept my apology, its' called senior moments LOL sorry if I offended anyone in advance..... anyhoot, many thanks to the comments I have received here, I really appreciate them and actually look forward in reading...also many other bloggers....BIG THANK YOU... Sorry didn't get to take pictures of any work I have started, I have started a Hawaiian (21") pillow pattern . Orchid kit. I'll make sure I take some tomorrow. But here's a few more from Saturday......Nighty Nite...

Joe Burton and lovely wife Darlene

fast up then down the Stope........................nail driving


Beautiful Aboriginal Float, with all dancers, drums, singers etc.....


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Nickel Days

So, I was awaken at 7:30am, ummm thought I would get to sleep a little, daughter called to ask what time she should pick me up to go to the Nickel Days (which is a showcase mining days) Parade...duhhh,,, at 9:30 I told her....I guess she was just as exited as the boys...after I tidied up (hehe as usual lately) had a coffee and away we to the parade...Too cute the little guys were very exited , the youngest doesn't remember last years, sooo I was all new... we had way too much fun...aftewards had to go down to the actual competition, that was really great...but a friend who came here from Saskatoon for this, (Scott) suggested I go get a hat. It was really gorgeous outside. Needless to say , I didn't and now I'm pooped. I didn't work on my quilt as I was outside all day...hehe that was a good thing.... anyhoot we will find out who actually is the "KING MINER" tomorrow, they have to talley up the scores. I'm posting just a few pictures of events...this is open to all (anywhere in the country or nation) who are willing to come to Thompson, MB (miners and none miners) and try to get the title of and also a few $$$.... Well, guys good luck and will post the winner tomorrow..

Event is put on by : Steelworkers of American, Local 6166 and Vale Inco

The boys and Mom,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Mascott King Miner Nick


defending King Miner-Joe Burton .............., stoper (drilling up),............ jackleg (drilling in wall)


Crib building and taking apart,............... slusher, ...................friend Scott


And their are several more events pictures but didn't want it to be too long of a blog LOL

Friday, June 20, 2008

Good Day

Hello friends, today once again, the house was freshened up for a viewing...also will show tomorrow. Did some sewing, have all my blocks made. Made 48, decided to make it lap size quilt, and also put the blocks together. Will sew the rows, hopefully tomorrow. Need to go down to the grounds for a little viewing of the King Miner Competition. I will take my little camera down and post them.. Denise was over, took few pictures and spotted little family of squirrels. Their was 4 of them, so cute, got a few pics, but they kept hiding, so couldn't get all together. Then a little gift came via email. See my new title. Very cute and have to thank Denise for making this for me.......Thank you....... check out her blog at: beautiful pictures to see.. Now I'll have to experiment with the photo program so I can change once in a while, but I think, I'll keep this one for while......

click on pictures for larger views


Ok, need to place, ummm good to go sew LOL

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Well, not bad day, thought for a bit that maybe it would rain,,, but of course it didn't ..We really need rain up here in Northern Manitoba, I surely hope soon,,, It should , we have the National King Miner Contest this weekend, we usually have rain no matter what date it is...this contest starts on Saturday, but we also have the fair and everything else starts on Friday.... parade on Saturday, I'll have to take pics for sure....... Boys were pretty good today... off for few days now and will quilt away tomorrow, opps not all day, have to freshen up , showing house in afternoon. Hope, crossing my fingers and toes LOL..... took some pics of a few flowers today, wow the peonies' buds are ready for show soon... This is fun, reading others blogs and seeing what is happening all over the country is something else,,,love it...... Just think what we did without this stuff,,,,, LOL ,,,, it gets better every year...... CIAO, BONSOIR, ADDIOS till more blogging


UMMM smell really sweet these blooms

"Thunder child" crab apple tree

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Well, same old, NOT... this is very different, looking forward in putting the sold sign in the front. Once again, got a call , freshened up the house, got this boys ready for mom to pick up,. got the dog in one truck with son and we went in the other truck,... this is some experience.. When we purchased this house it was private deal which was way calmer... Anyhow, enough of my insane day.... Looking forward in going to my sewing area tonight so I'll keep this short.... pics of a few flowers and away I to the topsy turvy blocks.....PS ok so it's not as bad as I'm making it out to be, I'm just too TTYL Bonsoir mes amis and good evening

..............clematis.................................lily of the valley......................yellow poppy


Sooo true

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Alright, who ever said this would be easy to put your house on the market...ummm not me... I am in stress mode. LOL... blogging is great for de-stressing. I think I am too picky, I've never been in this situation so,,,, if anyone has and can give advise, by all means, please do.... I'm trying to make sure , house smell clean and fresh, I am driving myself crazy....... Took the boys out for a drive to the lake while the house was being showed, a few pics below , remembered that we had a dvd player in the truck and this kept them busy for a another call, went and freshened up house, came back and apparently no show.....oh well, I'll have to learn to relax and not to worry so much...not in big hurry,, just few month to go....LOL .. didn't get to quilt , too busy freshening LOL ....OK so I'll just forget and go back to sewing..that's relaxing for me.... Big weekend here, an event called KING MINER Weekend , will go down and take pictures and explain more what this is..... sooooo,,, til tomorrow,,,,ummm maybe sew and sew...

UMMM Sponge Bob square pants

OK, Pit stop

Monday, June 16, 2008


Not too bad of a day today, little cloudy, thought it was going to rain but passed over us here.. we do need it though, maybe soon. Had to scurry to go out so realtor could walk through. Was quick little ride with the 2 boys, son and I think the little men liked the trip to the airport, they sure liked to see all the planes. hehe.... Later went with Denise, Diana and Brenda for our millennium trail walk, think its about 4k will have to figure out how to measure this's 1 hr brisk walk. The bugs, especially those mosquitoes are very hungry, maybe because we were sweating or could be because looked like rain or maybe cause we were in the bush LOL.... anyhoot, got 30 blocks made need 18 more for lap quilt or might do the single, trying to decide ???? oh well, will think think think ... opps watching tigger and pooh with the boys too many times LOL

just a few more

Hum, Chase, the valet attendent. Parking is he specialty