Monday, May 26, 2008


Had a very busy day yesterday, had the boys and cleaned up then did a taste testing party, first time I did this, hehe, kinda winged it, did good for first time presentations, had fun. I guess with more I will be great at it.LOL My day went by so fast didn't see it. Today I had the boys again, played me out. Cleaned up again, and thinking of listing the house this week, this is driving me crazy, need to know what I'm doing and where were going with this LOL...aaaaaaa.....Got a few more flip flops done humm., maybe will get done the 20 blocks of them yet.......Went for a good walk this evening , was great, got a little more energy hehe (no no cleaning tonight)lol. Need to remember to bring the camera next walk in the millennium trail, very peaceful and pretty. anyhoot bon soir til next time......

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