Sunday, May 4, 2008


There, I didn't blog Saturday, opps. Got busy and didn't get a chance to... Well, got up this am only to look out to a bit of white stuff... Little chilly and furnace is still going good...Got the grandsons and was a little hectic today. So didn't get any quilting done only cut up a few more 2" squares. I want to get enough to make a watercolor wall hanging quilt..Need more though, went to our sewing place and she was a little busy, so I left a pile of bolts and she'll cut some so I can pick them up this week (only cutting approx 8" wide pieces).. Ive heard about this quilt-fuse interfacing 2"grid that makes it easier to put together...I'll have to pick some up in Winnipeg when I go down... Ps: just watching the eve Winnipeg news and had a good chuckle (sorry couldn't help it) saw that it was snowing pretty good their.. that's ok were under a storm watch around us.....but just had to put that in here...
Ok so maybe will get Xmas early..NOT...LOL

so I need to get more than a few,
but I'm getting them organized , thanks to Jan's idea how to......
(fishing container are 2"spaced)

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