Saturday, April 19, 2008

Quilt day

What a wonderful day.. got up too early though but that was ok. All day quilt day at the Rotary Place (we rent a great room) for get away day. Learned a few new tips and Sue shared a little pattern she made (coffee cup sleeve for you take out coffee, Timmy's or ???) wonderful little gifts, you can personalize them for each individual. Then revealed our Mystery quilt "twisted tails" top . Shared and shared ,,, just a relaxing, get-a-way, gossip, visiting great all around day. YOOHOOOOO,... I made 4 box bags and shared patterns thanks to Denise who found this blog tutorial at and thank you to Kelly and this link for sharing this. Great gifts, ummm maybe too early but Xmas gifts would be nice..... here are pictures of some of our great ladies.... Thank you girls for wonderful day. I'm now refreshed, inspired and ready to thread some fabrics LOL...
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