Sunday, April 13, 2008


Just like a bee I was today, busy. Tidied up this am, washed floors, got ready for the Birthday Party for Chase. Wow time flies, he's now (tomorrow) 2 years old. Had wonderful time with family and few of our little friends..... I even managed to pluck away at some more stuff from the cave.. Sorted out fabrics and such. BIG MESS in my downstairs, will keep sorting and haul it out to the garage for give aways, and yard sale. It's amazing on how much you accumulate over the years and forgot what you had there LOL... I also finished sewing the rag quilt, now have to clip the edges. Also have picture of the other one I just finished clipping, have to go down to laundromat to wash (fray) would be too much of a mess in my washer. Maybe next weekend.
Clipped oneNeed to clip

Happy Birthday Ummm Good

D.J. & Devon Love reading

clipped one need to clip

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